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Could be quake related. Eastern Japan is still under electricity rationing. It would be a risky investment if the site would not be able to function at full capacity because of power or raw material delivery issues. Most of the ports in northeastern Honshu were heavily damaged from the tsunami. Western Japan has no electricity rationing. The two halves of Japan are unable to share electricity due to incompatible grids.
They should hit that milestone no problem. They probably sold 16-18 million iPhones in the quarter which would push them over the top, plus whatever they sold in iPod touches and iPads. Who knows if they will mention it in the call. My guess is that Apple will crush The Street's earnings estimates and that the actual EPS will be about a buck higher than the consensus.
Nah. The specs are tight enough that the variances are insignificant to Joe Consumer. After all, we're talking about a 8.8mm thick tablet. It's not like the display manufacturer can add another millimeter. Sourcing multiple suppliers will drive cost competition which helps COGS. As we all know, Apple (and its shareholders) loves their fat gross margins.
No, your command of English is in doubt here. Being "on sale" does not necessarily mean "on sale at a discounted price." You are probably one of those lemmings who sees a "SALE" sign in a shop window and think that you will automatically get discounted prices. It's just semantics. The only thing that matters is the actual price. It's either cheaper or it is not. Look at the damned price tag, not the marketing sign in the window.
I'll add another one:Fanboys vs. shareholders"Play big or go home."(Yes, I know this will infuriate some AI commenters. If you want to talk the talk, you better walk the walk. Put your money where your mouth is: AAPL. Buy into the company and believe the management will take good care of your investment. And yes, I have a diversified portfolio; AAPL represents less than 5% of my total investments across all accounts, including ETFs like QQQ or SPY.)
The numbers look low, particularly earnings per share. JP Morgan: $24.42B revenue, $5.39 EPS Apple Finance Board Index: $25.746B revenue, $6.39 EPS Here are a few individual AFB contributors: Patrick Smellie: $25.716B revenue, $6.35 EPS Alexis Cabot: $24.977B revenue, $6.26 EPS Andy Zaky (also w/Bullish Cross): $24.733B revenue, $6.20 EPS The Street blew it last quarter. The bloggers were more accurate. My Wild Arsed Guess: $25.0B revenue, $6.20 EPS. I'm bookmarking...
iOS was originally conceived as a tablet operating system. Apple later came to the conclusion that it would work as a smartphone OS, plus a phone would be easier to bring to market. A thousand dollar tablet would not fly; Apple had to wait until the conditions were right: specifically the App Store ecosystem and COGS.
You don't need a credit card to maintain an iTunes Store account. Rather than using a prepaid credit card, you can buy iTunes/App Store gift cards and recharge your account that way. No setup fee like prepaid credit cards often have. It's pure cash. Even though I have a real credit card tied to my iTunes Store account, I actually prefer to use gift cards. A.) It acts as a budget of sorts, and B.) I don't have to deal with a ton of micro credit card charges in Quicken.
Thanks for wasting taxpayer dollars for frivolous lawsuits. Same with the Barry Bonds trial. Absolute waste of money. This will be summarily tossed out, the quicker the better. It's not like these judges have empty dockets.
I've no choice but to wait.
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