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Apple is not focused on dominating PC marketshare. They are pursuing profits.Apple let others chase after marketshare. Like Acer. Who has now admitted that they were wrong to do so.
Gene Munster is notoriously inaccurate. As a matter of fact, if Munster says something is likely to happen, it is worth betting against his prediction. Thus, since Munster says that Apple will produce television sets, Apple will not. The television set market is relatively low margin, making it even more unlikely that Apple would jump into this sector.
I just use a DNS cache poisoning script on my Tomato-based router. That covers everything on my network.Naturally, this doesn't help be outside of my house, but it's the most benefit with the least work. The script updates the list of blocked sites several times a day automatically.Frankly, if you're not blocking ads on your home network in 2011, you're effing...
Correct. AppleInsider used the wrong terminology. Head hunting is entirely legal, and heavily practiced in the state of California as employment here is "at will". Anti-compete clauses are almost impossible to enforce in this state (which is one reason why Silicon Valley has nurtured so many new businesses).
Apparently Apple, Activision and Nintendo, to name a few.And they are probably getting paid more than you and I.
This makes more sense than the delayed fall release. Apple's suppliers (particularly those who provide materials and components for the touch panel display) do not have capacity to do a simultaneous launch of new iPhone and iPod models. We have repeatedly witnessed enormous supply constraints when the iPhone is launched, leading to a staggered worldwide launch that still only nets limited availability. Last year, the iPod touch was in short supply for the first few weeks...
I doubt it, not in a maintenance/patch 0.0.z release.It appears that the CDMA iPhone and the GSM/UTMS iPhone are currently running off of different branches of the iOS code tree. It is likely that Apple forked the code to support the new handset.A unified release would be more likely in a minor release, like iOS 4.4, or definitely in a major release (iOS 5.).Of course, there's an outside chance that they will, but I'd never stake a bet on it.
It's a lack of vision from Apple's competitors. It took a couple of years for the competition to market anything remotely close to the original iPhone. We are seeing a similar scenario with the iPad. Sales of the original iPad took off and many of Apple's competitors sent their prototype designs to the scrap heap, starting anew. When an improved, slimmer iPad 2 released, again competitors looked hard at what they had produced. Samsung sent their porky 10" Galaxy Tab to the...
Correct.If Apple needs 40 million units and the supply chain can provide 80 million units, Apple will order 40 million units. Their competitors are free to buy the other 40 million. They aren't going to order all 80 million just to 'block competitors' access to those components.' 40 million unused units will not positively affect their gross margin.However, if Apple wants 60 million units and the supply chain can only provide 40 million units, you better believe that Apple...
Nah, the majority of ideas Apple patents never make it to market.The existence of this patent is meaningless. You can't infer anything about Apple's product roadmap from their patent application filings.Remember, this is a company who creates dozens, even a hundred prototypes for every new device and only one design wins. Apple will patent everything they can, regardless of whether or not they intend to productize it.
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