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They already do this; in some markets, it is illegal to sell a carrier-locked handset. However, the price of such an unlocked iPhone is typically $600-700. Apple certainly isn't giving up its margins. You can buy an unsubsidized iPhone from an Apple Retail Store (US), they don't publicize it though. It's still carrier-locked to AT&T. You can jailbreak it to use on T-Mobile USA's network, but due to network standard differences, there is no 3G data if you use T-Mobile...
I don't need to tell that to the iPod because the iPod told me (as a shareholder): the iPod's GMs are very high.It is worth pointing out that there have been hundreds if not thousands of PMP models from Apple's competitors that were competitively priced that found no traction.Apple did not come to dominate the PMP market by cost competition. They did it by building a big box online music store and providing a high quality end user experience.
16% GM = ain't gonna happen Apple pursues profit, not market share. Companies like Acer pursue market share. Well, until their CEO quits and their founder says, "Sorry, we effed up our business model and we did not significantly increase shareholder value by chasing market share."
The iPhone is made out of the same basic materials as the iPod touch.And phones shouldn't have to be coddled. If teens can handle and iPod touch, they can handle iPhones.
Duh, the teens have been using iPod touches for over three years now. Steve called the iPod touch as "training wheels for the iPhone" (Apple sells two iPod touches for every three iPhones); the iPod touch has a considerably younger demographic vis-a-vis the iPhone. With social networking and free texting fully implemented on the iPod touch via various apps, this is a total no-brainer. The other smartphone manufacturers basically have nothing that competes with the iPod...
The weight drop itself isn't compelling enough, however combined with the Smart Cover design, it might be persuading. The original iPad in the kludgy Apple case is bulky; this case doesn't really function well as a stand. The iPad 2's display is actually better. No additional resolution, but more contrast, wider viewing angles, superior oleophobic coating, etc.
Finally, someone who gets it. If she is not quoted, she is irrelevant. She bounces around from company to company. She has no real commitment to a particular vision. That's unsurprising as high-tech PR is one of the most soulless careers on this planet.
Translation: "We bungled our business model. Apple is right. We are wrong. Sorry, shareholders."
Dear HP/Dell/whoever, Show me the money, guys!
Depends on location.
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