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Currently Tim Cook is ridinig the success and waves of what Steve Jobs placed in the pipeline for Apple. Cook though is obviously not going to have the same drive and passion about apple as steve did, and his approach to settle with google is an obvious indicator. i think Jobs would be dissapointed in how Cook is handling the things he fought for. Cook should drop the nuke on Google. I'm pretty sure scott forstall would have kept to steves vision! Cook in a...
The "cracked it!" remark, is more likely in reference to the APPLE TV SET that they're rumored to be developing. Hopefully Apple sticks with the vision Steve Jobs gave them. Any deviation from it wouldn't be wise. (ie: Apple Tv UI)
nah not really (was never into paper assets, I prefer tangible), ....you sound like someone who just can't see anything that doesn't revolve around apple
I laughed at your comment, cause in all reality Apple Inc. actions are based off Steve Jobs, if steve wants to spend apples money on japan he can, screw the shareholders. they're all puppets to apple. But like I said, I'm for business, but not when its valued over life okay
I believe in the balance, and according to the article, the Apple Shareholders are more interested with $$$ then life. If you put emphasis on the all mighty currency then your perspective on life is skewed. Also, money is necessary because, that money is being sent to help aid the Japanese, and other countries around the world who need help. My beef is with the greedy hungry Apple shareholders and anyone else who values money over life.
care to explain?? ...maybe its cause you cant
Chinese? The term asian covers all you don't know if koreans or japanese were in that line.... The poster never said all the people in the line were scalping, he wasn't being racist.
Your argument is bullshit, it just so happened that the asians were the majority in line, and as he said not all were scamming, but the ones who were happened to be asian. If he was in line with all africans or hispanics, the same could have been said, he was giving a visual example about his experience. Not all Asians are scalpers, Not all Africans are Scammers, but when you have a multi cultured society, people actions put them into a category and further into that...
ture.. very uptight... look at the reaction to the individual who shared his experience with scalpers... that post somehow turned into a racist argument, from shallow minded individuals... not all asians are scalpers, not all whites are racist, not all blacks are thugs, not all hispanics are illegal immigrants. The west and the rest of the world has a prejudice beyond belief.
No not all westerns but the majority. Am I wrong in seeing this in the western society?Care to explain why??? oh yea thats right cause you can't, just admit, that countries like america england and others care only about themselves at the end of the day.9-11 was an example of this, the american country was, in unity, but a few years later, now 9-11 is being saluted by a mosque. A pure slap in the face to the people who lost families at 9-11.
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