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Its called truth bro
wow your a local, I use to work at the christiana mall apple store, before they got the big new store near that nordstrams, I worked at the smaller store, even before the mall did a re-vamp... The "scalping thing" is a personal thing, I have no problem with them doing that, but when I was in line for iPad 1, they actually wanted me to help them, I said "nah" but have fun. I say don't include me in your scheme, not to mention ALL apple employees know what they're about,...
This kind of midset dooms people in the West. The Bubble living westerners, who go in a panic when a winter storm is coming, will be utterly clueless when a earthquake or serious disaster happens.... Look at Katrina , rich america can't even help their citizens because they viewed those people as "not my problem" individuals... not to mention the undercover racism towards that area... let that be a affluent rich area and I bet the response would have been different.
Thats true, but these stockholders don't care about that... They don't care about life unless their life is in tragedy... but again what good is all this money, if your entire family is wiped out? what about the charity? ... its more then just money, money is one part of society not all, and if these greedy inconsiderate bastered shareholders, want to hold a company to the fire because of their supplies are limited due to a serious life threatening situation, then screw...
Screw those investors who would act like that. A serious situation has happened and they're worried about their money??? Screw them, cause if this was worldwide the last thing to worry about is your money, cause no amount of money can save you from death. Greedy shareholders
hmmmmmm.....ahhhhhhhh.....yeaaaaaaa... NOT likely.... New Screen size = Re-written apps to accommodate that new screen. The current apps on the app store are still trying to upgrade to retina display. If that is the case then we know the iPod Touch will get a bigger screen too. I think its just a dream
@autism Mac os x Lion and Mac os x Lion Server are now combined....... which means that you will not have to buy a server edition of Lion. You enable the server in the preference pane on Lion.
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Exodus 15:26
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