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I wasnt that person..... Not a fantasy, you just choose not to believe, its that simple. Steve can easily be cured, but healing doesnt come from "Buddha" ...healing comes from Jehovah Rapha ... Its sad that the most influential tech mind in this world cant somehow realize that... It really puts the words "Those who see are blind, and those who are blind can see" into better terms. I really want this guy healed like many, but he has to choose.
interesting, you were hoping i was not alive, but yet i somehow remained in your subconscious?get a life creep
Thats a very serious statement. Jobs should just leave Apple quit the Buddhism give his heart to Yeshua HaMaschiach and enjoy his family, and reflect on all his great work at Apple & pixar. Cause it sounds like his hour has comeHow about He & Apple live up to there comments and generously lower the price on the core2duo products.
Family Vacation. Not iphone 5
The government had opposed phones equipped with the feature out of fear that state-owned telecoms firms would lose revenue due to the large number of free wireless hotspots in the country. The iPhone with WiFi capability only got a network access licence in China in July.
AT&T's announcement of their new capped data plans has generated a lot of discussion amongst current and future iPhone owners. In short, AT&T eliminated their $30/month unlimited plan for new iPhone customers starting on June 7th. After that time, new iPhone (and other smartphone) customers have the option of $15/mo (200MB) and $25/mo (2GB) data plans. AT&T, however, has grandfathered in existing iPhone customers by allowing them to keep the $30/month unlimited plan if...
"These are all photoshopped! I'm tired of these blurry pics! You can't make anything out in that video! I call shenanigans!" HEY SOLIPSIM, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR QUOTE A FEW DAYS AGO ABPUT THIS LEAK BEING FAKE??? You clearly need to understand a "Photoshop" image and non. Leave the ansible my friend
Band\tFrequency\tWavelength\tPropagation via VLF\tVery Low Frequency\t3–30 kHz\t100–10*km\tGuided between the earth and the ionosphere. LF\tLow Frequency\t30–300 kHz\t10–1*km\tGuided between the earth and the D layer of the ionosphere. Surface waves. MF\tMedium Frequency\t300–3000 kHz\t1000–100*m\tSurface waves. E, F layer ionospheric refraction at night, when D layer absorption weakens. HF\tHigh Frequency (Short Wave)\t3–30 MHz\t100–10 m\tE layer ionospheric...
In radio communication systems, Equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) or, alternatively, Effective isotropically radiated power is the amount of power that a theoretical isotropic antenna (which evenly distributes power in all directions) would emit to produce the peak power density observed in the direction of maximum antenna gain. EIRP can take into account the losses in transmission line and connectors and includes the gain of the antenna. The EIRP is often...
The Physics of WiFi Let's start with wireless communication in general. In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered the foundation of radio, decades before the first message was ever sent. He discovered that when he put a wire in a magnetic field, a current was induced in the wire for a brief period of time. Essentially, a small amount of energy was being transmitted wirelessly from the magnetic field to the wire. Each time he connected and then disconnected the two terminals...
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