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If Microsoft was thinking more clearly, they should position the Windows mobile platform as an extension to the XBox 360. Make their phone more of a gamers phone. Apple wouldn't even be able to compete with that and Microsoft would benefit greatly from that since their user base is already familiar with XBox. Microsoft needs to Think Different, and lose the notion of direct competition with Apple. Theirs so much they can do with Win mob but they cripple it, with...
WOW Apple Q&A is seriously out of control ..... I seriously pray that they take their time with the Mac Pros and Notebooks. I would rather wait till mid March or early april to get new Mac Pros and Notebooks then to have them rush prototypes out to us, like they did with the iMac ...... THIS NEWS MAKES THE 22" iMac touchscreen rumor sound moot at this point.... don't expect that dream to arrive until 2011 ................ The Memo is also telling support to basically...
Well then a Kindle is a computer. The Nook is a computer Apple TV is a computer iPod Nano is a computer the shuffle is a computer hmmmm I wonder how long I can go
Brilliant choice of words a very adroit post ............ Good to see Mel is back ................. The iPad is a information appliance people (Not a Computer) . I find it abstruse that people would say such .......................... brucep thanks for the sig compliment feel free to duplicate if you want
ahhhhh I get it now
Point Made. Version 1 is A-Okay
The software (not the hardware) was yes.............. rushed IMO. Though you make a valid point (Being this is up to JOBS). Besides this is only Version 1, Apple will soon show devs where this device is going. Version 2 of this device will be completely different.
I feel behind the scenes, Apple had to rush this device, and the OS it stands on.I think with the MacBook Pros/Air coming out soon (Feb/Mar), the Mac Pro's, a possible inclusion of a new GPU for the iMacs since the issues with them seem to be GPU related. On top of that Mac OS 10.7 preview for WWDC X, then new iphone/iphone OS, then finally the iPods.Apple may have had intentions to make a hybird OS between Mac OS X & iPhone OS, but simply weren't able to meet the...
Were you underwhelmed about that event? (Meaning WWDC 2008) The sessions were very informative. In many ways it was a landmark event. I'm somewhat flummoxed by your response
Remember the 2008 WWDC!? The image that was shown, that was signaling that Apple now has given developers two paths to build applications on. One being Mac OS X the other being the iPhone. Well the iPad would be that 3rd final development platform. I think that Apple will make an even more clear differentiation of the SDK for iPhone and iPad. Another point to bring attention also is that Apple is preparing consumers for the cloud, us prosumers understand (to some degree)...
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