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With this statement alone. Which is a very noteworthy comment, that tells us Apple main number one hurdle in china is the chinese government. When Apple decided to set foot onto chinese soil, it was one great step for Apple-ites and local chinese civilians. Apples first major stride was their first ever store in china (breaking ground was very important, to maintain presence of quality & functionality in the china market) ........ The chinese government needs to break the...
Prodigious response BTW, I just PM you
Hit quick reply by accident
I'm sure we can expect jest statements for quite awhile.
Don't forget the education market is HIGH PRIORITY for Apple with this device, it's been their core market for decades. Like you, I feel the device will fit my needs seamlessly
You sound very addle-pated
Please I'm a "Fan Boy" of Apples but the ones who are complaining are just showing they had inexorable minds from the beginning.Each device Apple has now is winnow, for a variety of users (current & new).I plan to use the device for my photography and plane flights/road trips. That beats bringing out a laptop for such leisure uses.
After really reading the article I've noticed the following:What a predictable analysts Another vague statement to any newly released productHow can a device not be "revolutionary" when released but when more software is on the device then it's magically "revolutionary". The analysts should have said " The iPad is the foundation of a new breakthrough category of how we utilize an information appliance." His comments fall along the lines of " the iPhone wasn't revolutionary...
So this article is simply stating that, since the CEO McGraw-Hill prematurely divulged what OS the iPad would be running during his interview (with the BEAUTIFUL ERIN BURNETT) on CNBC, Jobs in-return decided to omit the company during the keynote presentation as a type of reprove measure for that fortuitous slip up??? If that's what the article is saying then it sounds Arbitrary IMO.
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