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Dude stop it! Just stop!.... CHROME IS A COPY OFF APPLE... Okay they use webkit (A standard Apple pushed) and made it mainstream for future browser implementations.... GOOGLE COPIES !! Face it man! Google is just a POC and they need to stick with search and get chrome off the OS X platform... Steve doesn't want it, Apple doesn't want it, I DON'T WANT IT, ...tell them to stay on Windows or whatever other platform that doesn't start with OS XOh yeah and that beta version is...
Great news this is, I hope Google fails BIG TIME!!!! Along with chrome and that POC (C=crap) Chrome OS their bouncing around Google Labs. Nothing like a kiddie company running out into what they think is a one way easy street (thinking they have it figured out), to realize that they ran onto a 5 lane highway and will get ran over like wally e coyote does when he tries to catch the road runner (which in this case is my beloved Apple ) What was that snake in the...
Aww Thanks Ireland.
Yeah your right, the moderators and owner gave him about 6,000 chances to get it right before giving him the boot. True also about the Apple success, I posted on MacRumors (user name is iDisk) and in reality this is normal for Apple, why do I expect less. After the New Mac Pro's arrive and Tablet I'm going to do a complete overhaul with my mobile lifestyle.
How?.... Teckstud is banned FOREVER and all he was IMO was a successful Troll in these forums and he particularly enjoyed being a pest to SOLIPSISM . How a guy like that can post some 6,000 times and not be banned is beyond me. I just love Apple and they do no wrong
Yes really. It's that big of a deal. iDisk
I'm not sure if you know how I view Apple/Steve but I'll break it down to you . GOD/JESUS CHRIST STEVE JOBS APPLE PROGRAMMING REAL ESTATE WORKING OUT FAMILY/FRIENDS WOMAN Yeah Steve could find a way to explain crossing the street sound so amazing that I want to do it just like he did. " Team we did it! We crossed over unto 5th Ave, NY. The traffic was amazing, but we managed to get across quicker then the competition, and now we're light years ahead of everyone else" - Steve
I Love Steve Jobs & I love Apple. WOW were so blessed and fortunate to be in the Apple ecosystem and a to witness the future of what's to come!! iLive iPlay iLove APPLE MobileMe
We never really see i to i, but I must agree Bruce Peace and love is needed more. I thought me and Quadra610 were the only ones with this type of advocacy.... Maybe I was wrong?! My name is bruce too BTW
Randomness at its best Welcome to AI BTW
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