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They analyse receipts from users using this app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slice-smart-shopping-assistant/id475854271?mt=8
Incorrect. User permission is asked when setting up a new iOS device, or installing iOS 8. Everyone sees the option to opt in or opt out - it's not buried.
Beatport had an iPhone app a while ago actually... https://news.beatport.com/beatports-iphone-app/
Sounds like you should be looking at getting a Macbook Pro, not a Macbook Air.
Ah interesting. Just found out that iOS 7 added a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts: http://www.macstories.net/tutorials/a-list-of-new-ios-7-keyboard-shortcuts/   There's also these from iOS 6: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/articles/8694
'Form factor' is completely fine in this context. It's incorrect to say it doesn't mean anything at all. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_form_factor
Really wish that the iPad could take advantage of more keyboard shortcuts such as:   Ctrl C & Copy X: Copy and paste, Ctrl B: Bold etc for Emails Arrow keys for scrolling up and down in Safari Arrow keys for selecting emails in inbox, Enter key to select Hold Escape for 1 second: Close current app Hold Shift+Ctrl plus Left Arrow left: Previous app (multi-task switch) Hold Shift+Ctrl plus Right Arrow left: Next app (multi-task switch)   As it stands right now, the...
Still no iPad version. :-(
"Google itself later floated a new version of Android 3.2 capable of properly supporting TRIM commands " That should read Android 4.3 (not 3.2)
“Price drops on Apple's App Store can be an effective tool used to gain interest and boost revenue in the short term, a new study has found.”
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