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Apple's vertical model may be "better," but it has one disadvantage which continues to limit Apple's success. That disadvantage is choice. The Macintosh is a closed system. If you want to run Apple software, you have to use Apple hardware. The iPod and the iTMS are also a closed system. The only music player that supports the iTMS is the iPod, and the only music service that supports the iPod is the iTMS. While closed systems are nice in that each piece of the system can...
Son of a bitch, Apple and the RIAA better sue that guy into the ground. He's going to ruin rendezvous sharing for those of us who use it legally. I don't want Apple to have to force users to put passwords on their shared music, or disable rendezvous sharing all together?
Yeah, I'd say it's RAM. Do your self a favor and by a cheap 512MB stick from a 3rd party. OS X loves to hoard RAM for itself, so I'm sure UT2003 isn't getting enough if you have only 256MB.
Seeing as the WIndows system requirements listed a 3GHz P4 or better, you'd need a dual G5 to even consider trying. I doubt the program is very well optimized for OS X, so you'll need all the horsepower you can get.
The competition has really started to heat up in the online music and portable music player space. Let's hope Apple can find a way to stay on top.
Does this suprize you? We all know the MacBU is a joke. It's only still around too appease the DOJ and make Microsoft a little bit of pocket change, which they could do fine without.
I don't know, when I run my system with root enabled, I feel just a little bit more powerful. It really helps my self-esteem.
Either that or Apple could start selling/renting mpeg4 movies online via Quicktime. It would work like iTunes. Watch the movies on your PC and then sync them with your iPod when you go on the road. Now, I don't know if there is a market for this, but it doesn't sound too inconceivable.
Yes, but up until relatively recent introduction of the i865, this market was owned by AMD. It was only because the Athlon64 was delayed and AMD had to rely on Barton for too long they lost the enthusiast market. I'm sure they'll get it back once the Athlon64 matures a bit. It's a great architecture. AMD has 16% of the x86 market. They used to have more when the Athlon was top dog. I doubt HP's AMD sales can account for that 16%. It simply proves there are a lot of...
I have a Samsung 191T hooked up to a G4 tower. It's a descent monitor. Good resolution. Good color. Picture has a yellow tint if you use standard Mac gamma setting, though. Once I set it to PC gamma, everything looked great. There is some ghosting as with any LCD, but it's really minimal. Sufficient for watching DVDs at least. I'd definitely go digital if you're considering graphic design as the picture will be much better.
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