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My only annoyance with the SMS is the colors of the bubbles.
Last night i backed up my MacBook Pro and I wanted to do a clean install of Snow Leopard, so I tried what several websites said to do, I rebooted with disc in drive and hit c key until the Apple logo appeared but it never would take me to a screen to do a clean install. In fact, the disc would frequently come out of the drive so I pushed it back in. What am I doing wrong?
I think it is safe to say yes to all of those questions.
I bought this app as soon as it was available but it needs serious work.
I bought the Apple TV on Saturday and I think it's pretty great. I love watching Netflix through it but have noticed it freezing some.
I have often wondered about this as well. But if an new iPad comes out before February, I think there will be an outcry because they would have felt taking advantage of since a lot of Apple loyalists anticipate only one major update per year.
Wow all of you bring up some good questions. Originally, I liked the thought of hitting the close button and exiting out, but I see the other points as well. About it still be running in background.
I wish they would release one. I'm prolly going to buy Sean Kovacs one today though. He seems to give good customer service. I bought his before it was taken off the store.
I'm excited Course, I already have Pages and Numbers on my iPad.
Don't be mad at Apple. Multitasking is great. If you have an app that keeps crashing, most likely the app wasn't/isn't prepared for 4.0+. Write the developer they should release an update that will work nicely.
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