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.. Also, it is difficult to view the iPad with polarized sunglasses,often worn while driving
Provider set-top box, several game boxes, blu-ray player, etc. these are not going to instantly disappear. Sure, they can plug into a TV and simply drive audio out to a stereo, but my point was that Apple will hold something back each iteration, to drive the lust after the next year's version. I could see replacing a box every couple of years to stay current, but not a big screen TV.
I wish Apple would build a full home theater system, and not get involved in the screen. As we know, whatever they release will be better next year. I would hate to see my $3000 60 inch screen go obsolete in 2-3 years. I would be more inclined to upgrade a box, and so would many others. Apple thrives on those upgrade cycles.
So, the 17 is really dead, then. Although I love my 17, I would not care that the model dies, as long as there is some sort of inexpensive expansion with the 15. I had huge hopes for Thunderbolt, but $200 expansion boxes and $50 cables is going to kill it. Thankfully, there is USB3. Unfortunately, all my drives are USB2/eSATA?. Compare for my Macs: eSATA card for MacBook Pro17, 2 ports = $50 eSATA card for PowerMac G5, 2 ports = $30 eSATA box for Thunderbolt, 2 ports =...
They just don't get it. This will be just a television set like the iPhone is just a phone. People will pay a premium because it will do so many things beyond television, but is easy to use.
Thunderbolt adaptation to currently common ports is sloooowwwly getting there.  But, I would say, not there yet. I will bet I am not in the minority of people who opted for the 17 inch MacBook Pro for the expansion port.  Discontinuing that option in the 15 was certainly disappointing to me.  The screen on the 17 is pretty awesome, but I have definitely left my laptop home to avoid lugging it around.  I look forward to Thunderbolt becoming a real option, if it...
http://journal.bookfinder.com/2009/0...ook-costs.html The above article shows the cost of producing a new hard cover novel is around $15, with about 1/3 of that related to the cost for a physical book. For an ebook, the cost of managing a download system, while not free, is certainly lower than a physical book. Apple says it is close to break-even with their 30% cut, so maybe those costs are greater than I think. The remaining 2/3 of the cost for a new book is there,...
By the time I find that little IR attachment that keeps getting lost, find the app, and configure it for my set-top box, I could have just picked up the Verizon remote and be surfing on my 5th channel!
Good move, Apple
Today was the first time I drained the battery all the way to shutdown. I plugged the iPad into the 10W charger. 5 hours later, it was showing 48%. I am never letting it drain again Other than the charge time, I love the new iPad! I am constantly showing off the screen. The speed with LTE is awesome!
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