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Every year I say I won't upgrade, and yet I am compelled to do so when the new version arrives. So, here is my annual "I will not upgrade" speech. I pre-ordered the new iPad, and I am in love with the speed over my old first generation. The LTE speed feels like wifi to me. With the speed of that device, and the fact that I use it instead of my phone for most email and web browsing, I cannot justify a new phone, just to get LTE on it. An LTE phone will require a denser...
Nah. different department
A very good rating would indicate there is a better tablet out there with an excellent rating. I wonder which tablet AI thinks is better?
and thanks to Apple, we don't have to
The ability to redownload will increase sales. There were definitely hold-outs to music purchases until they were rid of DRM and allowed redownload. This is the direction Jobs worked toward from the start.
Interesting that they do not have a new name for it. Simply the new iPad
The Apple store was up for a few seconds, then right back down again. I got as far as hitting the preorder button for the new iPad
I have both iPhone and iPad on AT&T. When the new model iPad arrives, I am switching to Verizon. I made a mistake in holding onto my unlimited plan, when I have never used more than 2GB. The unlimited plan was a bait and switch from the start. Offer an unlimited plan, then take it away unless grandfathered. You can't go month-to-month, because if you ever drop a month, you lose unlimited. Even tho you aren't using it, who knows what the future holds? Then, add...
As a long-time user of Kodak films before my first digital camera in 2002 (which effectively killed my film use), I am really sad to see that company in such dire straits. This law suit is akin to a drowning victim grabbing at any swimmer that happens by.
Assuming an 8GB iPad JUST because it was done with the iPhone make little sense. There are a number of people that buy an iPhone and use very few additional apps over the basic phone. They really just want an easy to use phone, with a few easy to use applications that are common to phones, plus web access. 8GB is enough for these people. That is not the same market as the iPad. People that think an iPad is just a large-screen iPhone are clueless.
New Posts  All Forums: