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Wow, overreaction much? The researchers did not find the file to be sent out anyplace. Apple screwed up by not encrypting the file - none of this would have come up if they had done that simple thing. I'm sure we will see a patch coming along real soon.
Even apps that I have deleted from my iPhone are still in iTunes. I typically update that list in iTunes about once a week. Some of those apps have been on my iPhone all of 10 minutes before I deleted them. I just have not been very good about cleaning out junk-apps from my iTunes folders. Many people would not even know HOW to get rid of them! I would not put much stock in any update statistics.
Interesting that LAST YEAR's iPad still tops the ratings, just below the new iPad2.
Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer later fired back with a different spin on Jobs' analogy: "There may be a reason they call them Mack Trucks," Ballmer said, referring to Apple's Mac line of computers. "But Windows machines are not going to be trucks." --- Snappy come-back of the year
I have owned computers from all 3 sources. HP: The worst machines I've used. I have had two of them (one personal, one at work), and both were troublesome right from the start. It was 10 years ago, so I hope they've improved. Dell: I have had 3 at work, and 4 in the family. All have been pretty reliable. Most problems were with Windows, not the machines. Apple: Bliss! We have been using Apple computers consistently since 1981 in my home. OK, admitting not...
HaHa! So true! I use a 6-year old PowerMac G5 Dual to stream video to my ATV1. I purchased the ATV2 in December for a second room, and have noticed a lot of problems connecting to it. With ATV1, the movie list is usually there when I switch to the ATV on my home theater. With ATV2, it ALWAYS has to load the movie list, which takes forever, before I can use it. When doing this, it frequently stops after several minutes and claims there are no movies. I leave my Mac...
loydb: Dammit, now I want possum. HaHa! You guys are killing me If these numbers are anywhere close to true, then Apple is selling these for an excellent price. Volumes are everything, I guess. I seem to recall that when I worked for a manufacturer, years ago, which produced products on the order of 50,000 per year, that they needed to get 3x the parts cost in order to make a profit (considering all the overhead costs). I wonder if the Xoom is sold at a loss?
Sounds like you have something setup wrong in iTunes. Personally, I use MobileMe, and never have to think about it. I make a change in one place, and it eventually gets to the other. This works across my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and keeps iCal, Address Book, Safari Bookmarks, & Notes in sync. The only issue I had with this was when I received my first iPhone, I had sync setup in iTunes, and also via MobileMe. I ended up with two of everything. I now sync only via...
This one cracks me up. Like we need constant access to a SIM slot
http://www.appleinsider.com/articles..._baseband.html There is no technical reason to delay iPhone5. I believe Apple has been planning iPhone5 for both carriers since at least mid 2010, if not a lot sooner.
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