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It makes no sense. Apple staggers major events, which keeps the Apple name in the limelight. With the Verizon iPhone4 launch happening now, it would not make sense to release iPad2 now, which will be a major event. Also, where are the rumors of manufacturing in progress, and stolen photos of iPad2 chassis? It would really surprise me to see an iPad2 before April. Also, Apple will never give 2 month notice for anything other than a new product category, so we will...
This is my take on Apple's intention as well. They are not intending on taking away the ability to subscribe outside of the app. That said, users will take the easy approach, and would rather click a button rather than go thru a web site.If I were the app developer, I would make the ability to get a subscription via the web very prominent in the app, and make it more difficult to find the subscription via iTunes button.I have been using Zinio for several years to...
When I read the article the first thought that came to my mind was that sales would reduce after Xmas, so production should reduce as well.
I have that connector-adapter. You actually get two adapters: one for SD cards and another for a USB port. They work great, and I use them frequently when shooting pics away from my home-bound desktop computer. Even if my iPad had a USB port, I would probably use an adapter to read in the SD card.
Zinio has it's place. I get a few mags on Zinio, and I have subscribed to a couple of magazines on a dedicated iPad app. There are pros and cons both ways. The Zinio magazines are mostly straight copies of the print magazines. They sometimes include some links to websites, and they also have the ability to include additional photo galleries and videos. One of the magazines I get on Zinio includes a paper subscription. I especially like that, as I have the option to...
I've heard other remarks like this, indicating some interest in a smaller iPad someday. There may be a market, as you say, but I am glad Apple chose the 9.7" as a first device. As long as Apple is selling every iPad it can make, I wouldn't look for another form factor anytime soon. They have no motive, since they already own the market. As for the iPhone/Touch, those are pocketable, and therefore a different category of device. For instance, I carry my iPhone...
I think Apple would have been crucified by the media if the iPad had come out at 7"
Blackberry ceased to be interesting to me in the Summer of 2007. All my Blackberry lovin' friends from back then were jealous of Safari, and since then of the apps. They all carry iPhones now. I don't see them going backwards.
Let's count the days it takes for Apple to counter-sue for the Droid copies of the iPhone.
Interesting statistic, but I believe Apple's purpose with iAd is to provide a better user experience, which in turn sells more iPhones. I don't think their goal is to take over the advertising world.
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