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I really don't believe this is true. Looking at the great products delivered over the past 10 years, and the excellent ratings Apple receives on customer service, I would say that apple does everything for the consumer's sake, because it is good business. This leads to the shareholders being pretty happy as well. As a long time Apple consumer and shareholder, I can tell you I am pretty satisfied in both categories. Most restrictions I've seen imposed seemed to be...
While I admit to spending more time on my iPad than my Mac, I would not consider the iPad my main computer. The iPad is more of an extension. I'm surprised anyone would consider it their main machine.
When Apple released the new Magic Track Pad, I thought the purpose might be to operate it with a new iOS based Apple TV.
I wouldn't like the loss of street view.
Considering how difficult it has been to even SEE an iPad 3G in a store, that activation number would likely be a lot higher with better availability. I made at least a dozen attempts to find one in a local store before I finally ordered from Apple Store Online. At least for early adopter use, I certainly made the right choice in getting the 3G. In any given 2 hour period of WiFi use, I would lose connection and be forced to re-enter the password 8 times. And that was...
That is my current plan. I was set on getting a new MacBook Pro this year to replace my aging G5 Dual. With my iPad, I no longer see a need for the MacBook, and will buy a new desktop within the next year. I'm not surprised to hear that others are following the same course. Now, if only Apple would release the mini-tower we've been asking for these past several years. The iMac is not expandable enough, and the pro is overkill for many price-conscious people.
I hope this means Pages and Numbers will now work with iDisk. I was very surprised to find it did not support the cloud (like, say, QuickOffice).
I can't wait to try this version out and see if I hate the interface as much as I hate using 2007 on my PC at work. I've used a lot of tools that I've been annoyed with at first, but learned to appreciate. Office 2007 still frustrates me after more than 2 years using it. The Ribbon is NOT an advancement. As for 64-bit, I can't say it matters much. Companies have a limit to resources, and it is hard to see any immediate motivation. It does say something about...
With unlimited data plans, I could understand the added price for tethering. With the new plans constraining data usage, the tethering fee seems excessive.
I've been trying to find one this whole past week. I wanted one for a trip this weekend. This is like trying to get a Wii a couple of years ago.
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