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If other Verizon directed software is any indication, it will end up disorganized, frustrating, and almost guaranteed not to work with a Mac.
Our family jumped on the Wii craze, and thought it was great fun... for a while. Once the novelty wore off, we went back to the PS3, which provides a superior experience. We still turn the Wii on, every 2-3 months, to get our Mario Cart fix. If other families are anything like us, I would not say Nintendo won the war with Sony. Early battles, maybe. If I had to choose, I would not want to lose my PS3. I love gaming on my iPhone! We have owned every Gameboy since...
The patent sounds like it was targeted at laptops that doubled as tablets.
To be released in 2011: iGoog - all in one Android PC googBook - low cost Android laptop googBook Pro - 13, 15, and 17 inch Android laptops wrapped in bamboo Goog Pro - Professional Android workstation, running Adobe Creative Suite (after Google picks up Adobe)
Great Post. It doesn't come close to convincing me to shift away from the iPhone, but some of the points are valid. As I've said in other posts, I personally detest sites that make heavy use of Flash, and avoid them. In those cases, I certainly don't miss Flash on my iPhone. But, on rare occasions, I have been frustrated by the inability to play a video. It would be nice to have it as an option, with a warning about the drawbacks to enabling it. I would keep it off...
I am forced to use the latest version of Word on my PC at work. I absolutely loathe the Ribbon. I have been using Word since it first arrived on the Mac, and use it every day at work, so I have been pretty familiar with it. After about 18 months with this new approach, I STILL find myself searching for commands! It was so much better when they provided menus, along with the option to load strips with your most used functions. Why fix what ain't broke? The busy...
Most people would not want a thicker phone to get replaceable battery - not a good tradeoff, and unnecessary. A camera flash for my iPhone - Would not be used that much, but handy when you need it. Not a deal breaker in my book. Why don't these things matter much? Because they do not have much affect on Apps. And Apps is where it is at. if we still did not have GPS, for example, then there is plenty to complain about. These other examples are trivial. How many...
Apple is providing all the items on my wish list except central storage. To share between apps, I've had to upload to iDisk and download to the other app. I currently keep 2 or 3 copies of several files on my iPhone because of the lack of a central storage location. Working from iDisk all the time is a solution, but too slow.
Add me to the list of wait and see what Apple does next. If the MBP refresh is significant, I will be in the market. Time for new ports... would love to see eSATA, but would settle for USB3. If this is a minimal update, I may wait another year, and get an iPad for my portable needs.
Those commercials were great. I looked forward to each new one that came out. Always a good laugh. The latest Microsoft commercials, on the other hand, are pretty sad. Although I've been a Mac user since 1988, I am also a Windows user, and have no particular animosity toward MS. But those new MS commercial just get on my nerves! (ok, the 25 times I've had to clean up PCs for people to get them running again, and the Registry, leaves me with a little animosity)
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