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This was my thinking as well. Apple may not want developers generating code that copies a function it plans to release in the SDK in the future. Although, Apple could just accept it now, and reject an update later when Apple's code is generally available.
While I understand the choice to maintain data with each application, for simplicity sake, I wish that there was a central storage option that all applications could access. iDisk works for me, but not everybody is willing to pay for it. Also, onboard storage is faster. I've had files on my iPhone that I wanted to access by another application. I had to upload to the cloud and re-download to the other app. What a pain. This will be more important on the iPad. For...
It isn't clear to me how this could be accomplished without adding bulk to the notebook. Adding some type of outrigger to collect sunlight would make the notebook clumsy to move around. Even distribution of the light coming in would be an issue, as the source could come from above, below, sides, corners, or as a bright source directly behind. White balance would probably be controlled similar to a digital camera. Always nice to get another patent, though
What this article is saying, is that there are likely to be more delays in seeing new Mac models. My aging G5 PowerMac is getting to be an issue, with several new software titles coming out Intel-only. Even automated software updates have loaded Intel-Only versions, which forces me to delete, go to the website, and download the PPC version. I am ready to move on. I wonder more about features than the latest processor. Will the next gen have USB-3? I'd hate to feel...
I completely agree with the switch to Intel. Never meant to suggest otherwise. My only point was that I am not seeing a significant improvement in speed for a newer Intel machine with a processor of similar speed. I do look forward to a machine that does not affect my air-conditioning bill!
I have a G5 PowerMac, that is just now starting to feel a little old. Not for the speed, but due to applications coming out for Intel only. The PowerPC G5 was a very powerful processor for its time. Look at these benchmarks from MacWorld. The first is the G5 2.3GHz Dual tests from back in 2005: SpeedMark4 (bigger is better) - 224 PhotoShop CS2 test (less is better) - :59 Cinema 4D render test (less is better) - 1:13 Here is an iMac Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz from last year...
New Posts  All Forums: