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There are a few of those WOW events in consumer computing history I recall vividly, such as hearing recognizable speech come from a computer (rather than beep), seeing a photo quality picture on a computer screen (Mac II), and sending email while sitting at a soccer field using a Blackberry (so cool!). These are all common now. Blackberry has brought some great ideas and products to the corporate world. It is a shame to see them fall. Not that I'm giving up my iPhone...
I could never understand why people would think Apple would change their product release plans to an earlier schedule, especially considering the total lack of competition. Rushing a product out the door just to get one out there has not been a good strategy for other companies.
Wow. Those system slow-downs that occur occasionally on your Mac - those are more than likely due to Flash taking your system down. Happens to me a lot. I do not recall Steve ever saying it didn't run well on Windows, just that it never ran well on the Mac, and Adobe didn't seem to care enough to fix it. His decision was the right one. Steve may nor may not be sleazy. I wouldn't know. I've never met him nor worked at Apple. From things I've read, I don't believe he...
So very happy to hear this one! I cringe every time I run into a new site based on Flash. I want to see this thing decline fast. I really look forward to the day I can finally remove it from my computer. I tried eliminating it a few months ago, but the number of sites that gave me trouble over it was too frustrating to continue, and I reinstalled it.
With some experience watching these ads, I take something like "Worlds thinnest" to mean "It's pretty thin". "Worlds most powerful..." means If there is anything faster, its insignificant.
I'll get there. But, 9 years of using PPC apps takes time to replace. I am also not made of money, and upgrades are not free. Just did the PhotoShop upgrade. That hurt! Lion looks great! Can't wait to use it. But, There is nothing currently driving me to upgrade today. Snow Leopard is great as well. Past experience tells me this: in a year, there will be many apps that will not run under anything but Lion. That will cause pressure, and more people will upgrade. I...
I purchased my new MBP 17 earlier this year. I originally planned to wait until Lion was released, but when I learned of the lack of Rosetta, I pulled the trigger early. I was coming from a G5 PowerMac, and I have far too many PPC apps to lose Rosetta. I am working on updates, but some of those useful utilities I use were never updated to Intel. If this is merely a speed bump, I have no heartache over my purchase decision. Speed is not an issue. The MBP is much...
I truly detest flash. Whenever I've had slowdown problems on my Mac, Flash has usually been the culprit. Unfortunately, it is still pretty dominant. I tried removing flash from my Mac, but the number of websites that complained with popups became too much, and I reinstalled it. I am definitely in Steve's corner on this one. Killing Flash will be another one of his great achievements! It couldn't happen soon enuf for me.
I still chuckle over those predictions for an iPad3, coming out about now. With these sales, why would Apple ever want to rush out another version? Just because it can? Assuming sales may drop off following the holidays, iPad3 will come along in March and crank sales right back up.
For this to be accepted, AT&T would need to show how this will improve service to its customers, lower costs to the customers, and create jobs (no layoffs). Otherwise, no deal.
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