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All of the gadget makers should pool cash and buy these patents out, effectively making them public domain. Seems like it would save the companies in the long run. It would suck for the lawyers, however!
You are absolutely correct, and I think Apple has moved far to quickly to squash PPC apps. I would have already upgraded if not for this fact. I specifically purchased a new Mac this year BEFORE Lion was released so I would not be forced to use it. I made that decision after learning that Lion would not support Rosetta. Apple's developer community must be thrilled by this move, however. I know I have been spending cash trying to update apps from PPC to Intel, in...
I believe the delay is for iCloud and iOS 5 to be ready.
Compete, rather than copy. I like that idea.
I have been thinking along these same lines since the release of the iPad 3G
It is nice to read these reassuring articles. What I take away from this is that Apple had some tremendous talent, but was not willing to risk using it. Steve Jobs was an enabler that transformed the company. Now that the momentum is there, and the path has been shown, we will see Apple carry on without Steve driving every decision. I look forward to the innovations to come!
I like the thinking here. It makes sense that this could easily be a cheaper iPhone4 model. I still hope to see the flash moved over. I have to remove my case to take a decent flash photo, otherwise there is flash-reflection from the case that clouds the picture. iOS5 is supposed to make it easier (ie quicker) to take a photo, starting from a locked iPhone. I can't wait! I have missed so many pictures fumbling with my iPhone (turn on, enter code, find app, launch,...
I don't think Apple would sell a TV that could be precisely mimicked by adding a $99 box. It would have to provide something so exciting that we all MUST have one. If not, it would not be an Apple product. An Apple Television would have to be the finest TV experience out there. Best quality screen, all the latest tech, and something that NO other TV manufacturer can provide. It must make me want to dump my beautiful new 55" top of the line screen for that new Apple...
I wonder who will be COO?
I sure thought T-Mobile would be the first carrier to get the iPhone after AT&T. I was waaayy off!
New Posts  All Forums: