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Watching the economic rise of China reminds me of the economic rise of Japan and South Korea. It will be interesting to see how affluence affects the people and culture.
I think about that every time I see one of these market share reports
A lot of us own both an iPhone and an iPad. It never made sense to me that Apple would force us to choose which to upgrade, by bringing both models out at the same time. Staggering their releases keeps them in the news, and I would imagine helps with human resource management within Apple.
Sounds like a good plan, Microsoft! As for M$ copy-cat moves; it is well known that Apple has performed as Microsoft's research department for the past 25 years.
HaHa! I have to laugh at these absurd rumors of an iPad3 coming out when Apple can barely make enough iPad2's to satisfy demand. It made no sense two months ago when we argued this, and doesn't make any more sense to me now. The iPhone5 on October 7 rumor - now that sounds likely.
My 32GB iPhone 4 seems like a near perfect phone. 8MP camera is not enough for me to perform my annual upgrade, but 64GB might just be the ticket. I agree that memory price boosts will not affect Apple, who has undoubtedly locked in a price.
External device seems more likely
Android is 47% of the smartphone market, and Motorola is losing money?? Sad to see a venerable American company fall down. While I have no intention of helping them with the purchase of a Droid (why would I ever do that?), I do hope they pull it together.
Best Post! I agree that Apple and Intel are good for each other. I don't get the sudden Intel hatred here. Apple made a great move in turning to Intel. I loved my G5 dual tower, but I had to have an extra air conditioning vent added to the office to counter the processor heat. My new MacBookPro is blazing fast, but runs cool and silent. I have been thru 68000 to PPC, OS9 to OS X, and PPC to Intel. Please, Apple, give me a little time before you trash my software...
I don't believe Nintendo should be considering porting their current games to any outside device. They would need to sell 10 or 20 times as many games at the prices iOS users expect to pay to equal their current revenue. iOS users are certainly not going to pay $50 for a game. However, Nintendo has a large number of titles from its previous platforms that would sell well on iOS. That would seem to be a very lucrative move for them. I would be interested in a Mario...
New Posts  All Forums: