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It sounds like the Maps app gets a lot of use - I know I use it all the time. I usually find it is the most accurate way of finding my way around. Performance could be improved. I do have problems at times with drawing the map. I move the map to see what is coming up ahead, and it can take minutes to redraw the screen. Of all things that could be done, this is the first I would like to see fixed. If Apple has hired a dedicated team for mapping, where are the...
I would not go so far as saying "better" than Macs, but a 2009 survey of 30,000 computer repairs showed ASUS on top reliability wise. Apple and Toshiba were so close that I would call it insignificant. HP was at the bottom, which is no surprise from my past experiences with them.http://www.engadget.com/2009/11/17/l...-win-hp-fails/ I've played with an ASUS tablet, and although I did not care much for the Android OS, I was impressed with the overall feel of the device. ...
I have been an Apple user since 1981, and have watched thru the years as Apple attempted to get their message to the masses thru their desktop computers, with some small success, compared to the Wintel empire. It brings a smile to my face to see Apple dominate in all things mobile. Finally, people are "getting it", and all competitors look to Apple for design direction. That ASUS looks like a MacBook Air painted black!
I hate to see Palm go down in flames, but I have serious doubts about HP understanding the consumer market, and bringing a quality product along with a great ecosystem, such as Apple has accomplished. Are we going to see a multimedia powerhouse like iTunes, or the 3rd party support available anywhere you go for an HP tablet? Not likely. I wish them luck, but I won't be helping them get there.
I applaud Amazon's action here. That said, my experience using the app, while in a near dead zone, shows the limits of an online app. I can't really see myself using the online app. I had already created a Kindle website icon on my iPad desktop for quick access to the kindle store. Good enuf. Interesting that Amazon knew right where I left off reading my book with the native app. Truly cross platform.
I don't see this one going anywhere. Personally, I usually throw Apple's headphones in a drawer and use higher quality earbuds. I note that many people I see in the gym are also using non-Apple headphones. I assume this method would not work as well with just any headphones. Simply placing your device on a charging plate - that I get. But wrapping and unwrapping a cable seems like more work than just plugging the phone in, and plugging it in is a faster charge...
If I read this right, iTunes will indicate eligible content in the store. Personally, I would avoid anything that is not eligible.
You must use that as a login, but you can still use your other email account. I have a Yahoo and Gmail account that I use just fine along with my me.com address, on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. You are just getting an additional email address. It doesn't mean you have to use it.
I hope to see increased storage and memory in a new iPhone this fall. Without that, I am having a hard time seeing a reason to upgrade from iP4, which is easily the best phone I've ever used.
There is a fairly simple work-around to this. Since the Kindle store button just took you to the web site, it is a simple matter of going to the website and hitting the "Add to Home Screen" button. I did this, and placed the resulting icon next to my Kindle App. This goes to show that Apple does not really achieve anything with this move, other than to make life more difficult for us, the consumers. We have not seen the end to this issue.
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