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I do not agree with this approach of holding out on machine delivery. We are probably all well aware of what it is like to wait on an upcoming release, when you want a new computer NOW! I can, however, understand the excitement Apple has over the syncing with iCloud. I have used Apple's tools (and paid for them) since back in the iTools days. I've been repeatedly asked why I pay for MobileMe, when there are free services out there. I always tell them, "It is all in...
I've completely missed the fact that the upgrade to Lion will require Snow Leopard. I guess I'll have to finally upgrade my wife's iMac, which is still on Tiger She actually runs an app other than Safari about once every 3 months, so I have had no incentive to update the machine.
It is about time to start seeing some Thunderbolt products! A MacBook Air combined with a Thunderbolt hub containing eSATA, USB3, FireWire 800, and DisplayPort would make the MBA the ultimate portable.
While I do not buy into the Microsoft dominance theory, I have to disagree here. Many iPhone owners play more games than make phone calls. I think the XBOX integration is a real draw (not that I will be buying ). But, 82%?! get real!
I hope this extends to different vibrations for text and email. If my phone is in my pocket on vibrate, it would be nice to be able to tell the difference. The phone ringing on vibrate is pretty obvious.
This will work for me, but I wonder: When a hard drive crashes, how do people load the OS to a new drive? And the answer is not necessarily "use your backup". I use a double backup, with TimeMachine and SuperDuper, but I know many people with NO backup at all. While I agree that is foolish, it does happen a lot.
This is just the beginning. I think streaming games will be huge.
The comment on using Google Maps is interesting. There has been a lot of speculation that Apple would dump Google Maps, since they were hiring location-services engineers. I have often thought that would be a mistake, given how much Google Maps offers (street view would be hard to match, for example). It makes more sense to enhance services, with Google Maps at the core. This "agent" app looks like one of those enhanced services.
I have been expecting the syncing ability of MobileMe would become free to anyone who buys an OS X based device. I have found the cloud-sync ability alone to be worth the price of MobileMe, but I know many who will not pay for it. Offering those services for free would probably provide a lead-in to purchasing more of Apple's iCloud services.
Could not agree more. I really dislike using the iTunes store for anything beyond music. For apps, especially, it is pitiful. Thankfully, we have AppShopper.com, or I would not know about half of the apps I currently own.
New Posts  All Forums: