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True, for iOS devices. However, there have been "early" and "late" releases of Macs in the same year.
More than LTE, which is not ready for prime time, I would just be interested in the faster processor of the iPad2, and double the Flash. Several apps on my iPhone are large, or contain large data files, chewing up valuable multimedia space. It is time for a 64GB iPhone.
The first thought I had with this article was "Samsung". They make some great products. The 55" Samsung flat-screen I have is one of the best TVs I've seen. My last non-iPhone was a Samsung: Poor, confusing user interface and frustrating limited controls. I was never so glad to be rid of a phone. These are the kinds of products companies should trash (or never release to begin with). You can't help thinking "Do they even field test these products before dumping...
It would be nice to just not crash all the time. I have one application whose developer just "upgraded" to Adobe AIR for their user interface. It doesn't work as well as the previous version, and sucks the life out of my Mac, until Flash finally crashes. They are also making their files incompatible with the previous versions, so you can't backtrack. I am looking for alternatives.
I really doubt this is true. Apple really does not need that sort of protection, and cannot afford the reputation hit when (not if) it is caught at it. M$ and Intel have already shown the trouble that leads to.
A friend of mine purchased the new Acer tablet. It has nice weight & size, and seemed pretty quick. My friend is an iPhone user, but was curious about Android, wanted Flash, and the price was pretty low. It is only 16GB, but has SD expansion. He is troubled , however, by the lack of accessories, and especially by the lack of Apps. Since iOS was started as a tablet operating system, and converted for use as a phone OS, it was useable from day one, even with few HD...
That would make for some interesting case designs!
I also keep my iPhone on manual brightness. I really wish Apple would provide a brightness control in the Multitasking bar, like it does for iPad. I have written this request to Apple, for whatever that is worth.
The problem with a rear sensor is keeping it unobstructed. Placing the phone on a desktop would cause a rear sensor to fail. There is also the potential for covering the sensor with your hand while holding the phone. If a rear sensor were added, the front sensor would need to be maintained.
Just purchased a MacBookPro 17 to replace my 6 year old PowerMac G5 Dual. I am disappointed in the lack of eSATA and USB3, but other than that, I am really happy with the machine. I purchased the 17 specifically to get the ExpressCard slot, giving me eSATA (and others). Personally, I use the optical drive quite a bit, and I think the display is stunning. It would be good if Apple provided an option to replace the optical drive with an SSD.
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