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Without selling products at low profit, is there any survival space for Lenovo ?
No matter how worse it is it would be better than Samsung . Investors always worry in the sake of worry .
If Apple releases cheaper one , these motherfuckers will say it will harm Apple gross margin . Bullshit
Check channel ? If they are that smart to check , tell me what Apple will wow us this fall .
What again ? Can't the motherfuckers think of new excuse ? Every year says the same .
Why does Samsung just shame themselves by releasing stupid watch before Apple ? Who do u think u are ? U are just a shameless copycat .
A disappointment after WWDC will drag AAPL down .
I want free iPhone 5 with 24 months free tariff .
Always saying delay to sth you think will release earlier than expected is bullshit .
I agree
New Posts  All Forums: