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Just another Judge looking out for their pension.
Monster started it. Apple simply ended it. They are not bullying. What's that old saying, oh yea, don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Couldn't agree more. That's why I cancelled cable and just don't watch the news. I'd rather pick and choose what news I read. 
Agreed. I'm done carrying 2 cables around just to have a Mophie. Call me when it has Lightning.
Greed knows no end. Record breaking PPV profits and these people are still crying. Whatever clown said the studios need to ban together is clueless. I know for a fact that there were so many multi-million dollar private jets in Vegas for the fight, they couldn't park them all at the airport (they were diverting them to other local fields). Many of those jets belonged to the studios and entertainment industry. So, in fact, Periscope is NOT hurting them. You guys that are...
As usual, Ford is confused about what consumers want. First off, what are they smoking when talking about Carplay and a $200 phone is the same context. New iPhones (which are required with Carplay) are not $200 folks. And more importantly, a person's phone is more that just a thing with a cash value. People are VERY attached to their phones. Ford, you are mistaken when you attempt to minimize the importance of a phone to an individual. I have two Ford's in my family. Both...
Does anyone really care what these "guessers" come up with? The profitability of the company will always ultimately be based on their earnings reports. Not what these Wall Street and other financial clowns think/guess. They need to go back to the carnival they came from and continue guessing your weight.
Did LAUSD require Apple to use Pearson's software? I guess I'm asking, who picked Pearson?
Just did update. Can no longer boot Mac. I get a folder with a ? in it. Bricked my system good. Thank you Apple. :-)    UPDATE: Figured out that if you have enabled Firmware Password (which I did), you need to turn it off for your Mac to be able to boot after this update.
What I want to know is who at CVS, Rite-Aid, Best Buy and Walmart thought this was a better idea than Apple Pay, and any other payment form for that matter, including the venerable credit card.
New Posts  All Forums: