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If Fitbit famously does not support Apple's HealthKit, why is it even discussed in Appleinsider. From other comments about their proprietary iOS app, sounds like it is pretty bad too. Get on board Fitbit.
sure, it has nothing to do with Blackberry's demise.
Nobody reads the Apple contract.... it all start with Adam and Eve. :-) It's their fault.
Oh yea. Let's get a zillion class action suits against Microsoft. Their software has failed to operate properly for.... ever. I'm guessing judge Koh has never had a technical issue before. Lucky her. What a chucklehead.
The really sad part of all of this is the 700 unemployed people.
I think they can stop referring to them as a "partner".
"We don't have a burning desire or need for coverage," AT&T wireless chief Ralph de la Vega said. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING?
Shocker. Did anyone expect Koh to rule differently? She has made it clear time and again that she will let her emotions guide her decisions. Regardless of what a jury decides.
I'm sure there are lots of benefits to Android's fragmentation. And I'm sure the geniuses on Wall Street will get right on it and tell us all about them. In related new, Samsung releases another ad showing how bad it is that Apple has so much consistency in their iOS deployment.
Yet another worthless "guess" by a worthless publication.
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