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More useless blather from useless Wall Street chuckleheads. These people are clueless on the tech sector. Or any sector for that matter.
Thanks! That helps. I did not know TB2 was on the latest MBPr.
"MacBook Pro with Retina display are equipped with Thunderbolt 2-compatible chipsets" Really?
If you had one and used it for any length of time you'd see it's a really great phone for the price. It definitely not a Tata or Chevy. Never had an issue with the 5c's .
From a purely business perspective, I know several companies that have had business dealings with Israeli companies and it never ended well for them (the American companies), including mine. So based on experience, I don't get all the hype. California has already given millions to Israeli companies to do business in California, only to have them outsource all their materials from overseas. Go figure. I want to know what Israel is going to do for America.
I feel for the blind. But this is absurd. This is like saying a car is discriminating against the blind. Does anyone HONESTLY think Apple's intention was to discriminate??? If you do, then you are clueless about Apple. Move along. Nothing to see here.
Telsa is "just a Hobby".
No big surprise there. They will do and say anything to defend their Korean friends.
Ben A. Reitzes should be thrown in jail for stock price manipulation. Barclays is a joke. This whole idea of randomly setting a target stock price needs to be outlawed by the SEC right now! It is a self serving exercise that benefits these Wall Street clowns.
IDC. You guys kill me. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
New Posts  All Forums: