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All those Wall Street boys were right again. Wait, scratch that, I mean wrong again. Shocker.
Boy, somebody is an unhappy camper. You miss the whole point. It's not like Apple is out to cheat WARF. This issue is the patents. WARF claims they had this patent in 1998. Problem is, I (and by "I", I means thousands of college students) was developing predictive branching algorithms in 1980 in college as a Computer Science major. As a engineer at IBM, we were developing them in 1983 and before. Apple is right to question the validity of something that was being actively...
And he thinks he's some kind of genius. Some genius. You just announced a $130,000+ SUV. Ridiculous.
Let me think, oh yes, it was the US government whose systems got hacked and tens of thousands of government workers had their personal and employment records released into the wild thanks to their weak security. Perhaps they need to shut up and learn something from the companies that know what they are doing.  
From a business and IT executive perspective, IDC's numbers are, as usual, mostly useless. If the data included usage, revenue, average revenue per unit, and gross margin data (along with corresponding unit sales) then they'd have meaningful information to do some actual cross analysis. IDC, go home and do your homework. You are always publishing half baked work.
Train wreck.
Too much focus on Apple Watch people. It's APPLE stock NOT Apple Watch stock. Wall Street has once again proven they are idiots. These clowns couldn't predict their way out of a paper bags. 
Just another Judge looking out for their pension.
Monster started it. Apple simply ended it. They are not bullying. What's that old saying, oh yea, don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Couldn't agree more. That's why I cancelled cable and just don't watch the news. I'd rather pick and choose what news I read. 
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