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Did LAUSD require Apple to use Pearson's software? I guess I'm asking, who picked Pearson?
Just did update. Can no longer boot Mac. I get a folder with a ? in it. Bricked my system good. Thank you Apple. :-)    UPDATE: Figured out that if you have enabled Firmware Password (which I did), you need to turn it off for your Mac to be able to boot after this update.
What I want to know is who at CVS, Rite-Aid, Best Buy and Walmart thought this was a better idea than Apple Pay, and any other payment form for that matter, including the venerable credit card.
It is painfully clear who are the computer knowledgeable people and who are not. This is a simple issue... either there is the advertised amount of memory in the device or there is not. Apple never claimed exactly how much of "your" data would reside in the devices total available capacity. Any judge that doesn't understand this basic concept needs to recuse themselves. This lawsuit is a money grab, pure and simple.
If Fitbit famously does not support Apple's HealthKit, why is it even discussed in Appleinsider. From other comments about their proprietary iOS app, sounds like it is pretty bad too. Get on board Fitbit.
sure, it has nothing to do with Blackberry's demise.
Nobody reads the Apple contract.... it all start with Adam and Eve. :-) It's their fault.
Oh yea. Let's get a zillion class action suits against Microsoft. Their software has failed to operate properly for.... ever. I'm guessing judge Koh has never had a technical issue before. Lucky her. What a chucklehead.
The really sad part of all of this is the 700 unemployed people.
I think they can stop referring to them as a "partner".
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