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Yet another reason not to buy Bose junk. Yes, I said junk. It's overpriced junk.
"Strong iPhone 5c sales gave Apple highest growth in mid-range iPhone market" Who would have thought otherwise? oh wait, the financial geniuses of Wall Street. what?
Anyone who has had to deal with the USPTO knows that the only qualification to work there is that you have to have a pulse.
So what. It's still an Android.
I think they need to be sued, again. Definitely false advertising. Where is the FTC when you need them (probably partying with the IRS). I just got back from a trip yesterday and the only people I ever saw "plugged in" were people with Windows laptops. Where the heck do these Samsung chuckleheads get their information. The reason Samsung has a replaceable battery is because they need it. I don't with my iPhone.
That boy is desperate for attention.
 Because Samsung has been giving away a record number of phones so their share went up. It's interesting how the 5c is now considered a success after the Wall Street rabble dissed it for so long.
And in related news, Samsung announces their new Jetpack. It's completely different.
Samsung - Buy one get one free. Ya. Twice as many Samsung phones shipped as Apple SOLD. Makes sense.
Wall Street is impressed. OK, now we have reason to panic. Those Wall Street clowns are clueless.
New Posts  All Forums: