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The fact that this thread has been spammed is extremely funny.
Please don't take this wrong, but I would never buy from anyone who spams me or anyone who spams a stolen email address.
I realize what you are saying. I use the email for my own internal blocking and tuning of my spamassassin setup. I actually changed the email address on purpose to see if their database is actively being stolen or if it was a one-off event. I actually did the same thing with Ameritrade (TDAmeritrade) during the time when their databases were being actively stolen by hackers sending out penny stock scams/spams. I went through 5-7 email addresses, with each successive email...
I changed my email on 5-17-10 to something a little more difficult to guess. Let's see if the data leak is ongoing.
I am using a tagged email address for my appleinsider subscription and just received spam to the email address given to apple insider. It was highly targeted with trying to sell electronics, including apple computers. See text below: Honorable sir or ms: if you need Electronics please contact us: {www : omRcmR . com E-mail: OMRCMR @ 188.com} 882 now i introduce a good site to you.  A week ago, I bought this site Apple laptops,. Amazing, it's genuine and new...
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