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Yeah, I'd really like to know what keeps iCloud iWork in beta (not that it isn't). But I – and many others – could easily tell why Mac iWork 5.5 is still in beta, although not officially. And that is a shame. I use it since about a decade on a daily basis. iWork 09 was rock solid, although not perfect. And now this ... 
Apple Watch will be the most intriguing product launch in a very long time!
Looks nice. – I think, it is removing all elements, so that they can re-add more differentiating elements, just in a very different way. As usual, Apple is moving slowly there, without rushing in a cluttered new design and then change it, as it doesn't work.
I fully agree and am a bit confused by this as well. He talks too much political issues, but rarely (except keynotes, of course) technical issues. Although I agree with Tim's political views – that's not why I want to listen to him.
Already one of the best comments ever!
Can't innovate! – That's what I was waiting for! Get your credit cards ready!
 And you are already in the post-upper-caps area. Someone writing about correct writing should show he knows the current conventions. You fail.
That actually is a good idea!
 If this is a protruding lens – and I think it is – it seems, the iPhone won't get much thinner in future iterations.
These bands are very strange. They almost look as some plastic to peel off – and I would like to peel it off ...
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