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The new AppleTV looks absolutely fantastic. This might be a big hit for Apple. It's affordable, highly capable, and should integrate seamlessly with Apples growing number of mobile devices.
Add vaccination! That's something missing and really important.
Now they just need to add shared folders, and allow to download files via a web link, and it will be an interesting alternative to Dropbox.
That does not look like a deal with Sony Studios? Or does it mean Sony Studios bought by Apple?
One thing I miss here since a while, are articles/links to sites that spur the imagination what might happen ... no matter whether this is close or not. This is a rumour site still. E.g. http://www.martinhajek.com/apple-tv-the-2015-concept/
Well, if all the Online Stores would get some overhaul %u2013 including taking the iTunes store out of iTunes %u2013 would be great! Just dreaming ...
I guess, that's what I clarified in my second post (#26 of 55), in which I basically agree to what you say. Of course I mean innovation. However, people say Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the car, although the more picky ones would claim that there were power driven four wheel vehicles before. In this sense, the word processor was not an invention, but innovation of the type writer, etc. etc. So to some extend it's a matter of standpoint whether you call the...
 I doubt you compare the iPhone to the mobile phones before. This was an entire new product. The same is true for tablets. Even digital music players got a real overhaul. SmartWatches are certainly not a decade old market – and we'll see how Apple is doing here.Nonetheless, I grant you that phones, music players and tablet computers existed before Apple entered these markets. But Apple re-invented and revolutionised these segments by an entirely new approach, mainly...
Oh wow, gaming! That is innovation!! Siriously, if that's all, I'm unimpressed. I have no objections for Apple going into the gaming market. It's probably interesting for investors, who see a big market there and lots of money. But that's not how I connect to Apple. I want them to innovate and be on the forefront of technology (and arts). The money will follow ... but without lead, no follower in the long run. And no turning to Apple for the others, to see where the way is...
Hi Tim, nice to finally welcome you at AppleInsider!
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