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The movement and space savings might not be the biggest point here, but that it allows for a completely sealed keyboard. Together with removing fans, new MacBooks would be close to be water proof. No more problems with spilled liquids, and people will finally be able to use their MacBooks in the rain.
And here it comes: The revolutionary MacBook, first of its kind, with a negative height!
It's a great update. All I wish for now, is Siri search for ATV apps.
I agree with you here. I only wanted to state that I'm not sure what the iPad is mainly used for. If it were not gaming, then sales decline is related to other issues (probably long update cycles). I'm not sure, iPad is seen as a gaming device, and even with a dedicated controller I wouldn't expect much different sales. iDevice are more for casual gaming. The AppleTV might change gaming vor Apple. I doubt they'll try it with iDevices.
 For a gamer, everything is a gaming device. For the rest, your arguments do not apply. So, you might be right for the share of iPad users that are gamers. For all others, you are wrong.
TV is simply massive. There probably is no way to change TV revolutionary. Only evolutionary. The iPod and iTunes also did not instantly revolutionise music, but it evolved it into what it is today, which, in retrospect was a revolution. It did not work instantly for music, because music was too big. Different with the iPhone. That was primarily a single piece of hardware technology, with which a revolution was instantly obvious (to most). TV is so big it can't change in...
Not to forget about the service backend, which is becoming massive in the past years, and will continue to grow rapidly.
Yeah! Just ordered mine. 32 GB.
 Definitely! Make the Trackpad around €80 and I'm in. Currently it stays at €150, which is just too much.
The new trackpad looks compelling. I'd like to buy it, but for the moment find it quite too expensive. And what about the Magic Keyboard? Why is it magic ...?
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