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Oh, we're making a count? I don't have a TV either.
Finally some Mac News!! I hope they will bring Retina to the entire lineup. Also, I am very curious what Apple does with the MacBook Air. The MacBook is thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air, and I know a lot of people who are confused about this. So something needs to change there. My guess would be an iPad Pro running iOS when used as an iPad and when attaching a Keyboard it will switch to OS X. That would make a lot of sense to all this Continuity features.
My thoughts exactly. Force touch seems like a nice thing to have, but certainly no reason at all to upgrade.
Finally got it!
Bummer. Maybe it's because I'm in the UK store.
... but the update is not yet visible ...
This is great. Makes it even more interesting what Apple will offer next week.
Nice. Should help the wearable market, which is good.
Apple no doubt is working on their own AR project. The question is: does it make sense to ever come to live?
Yes, it needs to be very different. Sitting in front of ATV and looking through iTunes, then Netflix, and back through iTunes to choose something for the evening is a thumb pain.
New Posts  All Forums: