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A significant share of artist don't care about selling music. They play concerts and earn a lot there. So, music folks, go out an earn your money!
Interesting description: 'entitled' generation. Did you invent it? But it would be interesting and necessary to check, whether previous generations had a similar feeling towards their siblings.
NFC is almost certain, as Apple wants to push ApplePay. A non-ApplePay iPhone would be very akward.
If you look at the age of congress men, at least, yes, there are many that could/should retire.
Maybe they included retired people and teens?
Is Leisure/Social = Facebook?
I think AppleWatch will be like the MacBook Air: slow start, mediocre reviews - but the future.
Why is MacID for OS X not available on the App Store? Can't find it, only MacID for iOS.
 ... and the update killed my AppleTV. The little light doesn't turn on. Unplugging from and re-plugging brings back an Apple logo for a few seconds – that's it. Dead. Very rubbish update!!!
New Posts  All Forums: