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Yeah, I am also waiting for this day ... since thousands of days ...
I am very much looking forward to this – and wonder how much it will cost in UK and in Euro(pe).
Clever, Microsoft. Anyone else has to pay at least $1000 to get a Mac, you want to have it for just $300!
Really glad to hear Apple is still working on iWork. And I agree with others that Pages is still lacking in functionality compared to earlier versions. Add to the list of simple things: Two pages view. Was available in Pages '09 and is great, as you see two full pages side by side. Now just one page. Why?
Wow, $400 just to swap all peripherals. That hurts.
The new AppleTV looks absolutely fantastic. This might be a big hit for Apple. It's affordable, highly capable, and should integrate seamlessly with Apples growing number of mobile devices.
Add vaccination! That's something missing and really important.
Now they just need to add shared folders, and allow to download files via a web link, and it will be an interesting alternative to Dropbox.
That does not look like a deal with Sony Studios? Or does it mean Sony Studios bought by Apple?
One thing I miss here since a while, are articles/links to sites that spur the imagination what might happen ... no matter whether this is close or not. This is a rumour site still. E.g. http://www.martinhajek.com/apple-tv-the-2015-concept/
New Posts  All Forums: