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I agree with there being too many real images/leaks. Although, I might be able to live with it, if there at least also were the Photoshop images. These were often pretty cool!
Mac vs Windows ads; punch line: Mac OS just works Genius ads; punch line: you need a Genius to make it work. I don't think that's clever to the average user or potential switcher. Baseline of 'Mac just works' gets lost here. Someone didn't pay attention what actually happens in these ads.
Just use two pins to determine the orientation and re-route the signals appropriately. 
Although it's right that there might come a ton of dock connector compatibility issues. But I hope Apples isn't just reducing the size of the connector, but make it worth upgrading, e.g. make it a MagSafe connector. A lot of people will definitely like to have a magnetic connector like in the MacBooks than ripping out the cable now and then.
If this two colour thing is indeed more than just a design thing - the middle part does look a little like a touch pad. So they might add touch functionality to the back - no idea what this could add, but if, Apple will sure convince us in a blink we need it - and I'll for sure will buy it.   Edit> Maybe tap to fast forward/next entry/etc. double tap, etc.
For the first time I really think Apple got this wrong. Apple is the brand that stands for simplicity and 'just works'. So, if Apple advertises something as 4G, people think it will be 4G. If Apple requires people to look for additional stickers on the box or wherever - that is not what Apple should stand for. And there is a lot of complaint on e.g. german Apple fansites about this. So, Apple got this completely wrong. Especially as it wouldn't have been difficult to...
Reading all this, I get the impression what you really need is the possibility to set a location where you are.
I would think that Apple at some point will have sort of kernel OS. Making this into iOS or OS X is simply done by adding the appropriate apps. Just like OS X Server is also just an additional app. If it works this way, you will still get all your more powerful features with the OS X, while is fully interchangeable at a kernel level
I use Mathematica and cdf. Jobs said that if Wolfram wants to bring cdf to iOS, it will not be banned. On the Wolfram website, it says that iOS was always important for their cdf strategy and that cdf will come soon to iOS. I know Mathematica is expensive (luckily we have a campus licence here), but it is absolutely stunning and awesome. I can't wait for it to come to iOS, this will potentially allow fantastic interact apps with the full power of Wolfram Alpha behind....
My thoughts exactly ...
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