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Not 70% of $1600, but 70% less: 0.7x1600=1120, so 1600-1120=480, i.e roughly the $499.
And now think about it: if you take a 16GB WiFi for $499 and you even don't need a mouse etc. that's even nearly 320% cheaper then he claims! That should leave these competitors flummoxed ... (OK, $499 is 70% of $1600 - but getting from $499 to $1600, that's really a 320% increase.)
I din't expect such lines. Really. So much talking about this is only an incremental evolution, bla, bla, If this was just a minor incremental step - wait until next year and the lines after the next major step ... And for those saying, these are all fanboys - what a fanboy base Apple has ... But I rather think a lot of people just waited for the second gen and then went straight on the streets. I'm also very curious what they are going to do regarding internat'...
I think Apple is on the run to REPLACE print editions. So, the co-existence and even more additional free content on the iPad is contradictory to this aim.
One thing that I really miss is sort of central media server. Your right, I also have quite a number of devices now, and the last thing I want to do is to sync all of them all the time. A central media hub, with 2-3 HDs that also act as backup system could solve this problem. If this is done properly, this could just be the last and fantastic bit of kit you need to complete all the apple devices - including ATV.
Isn't this what Launchpad in Lion will be? The iOS applications on the Mac?
That was just GREAT!
Yes, the problem with the time capsule as a media hub is that it has no backup of the media. A real home server needs >2 HDs to keep backups in case one crashes. It is something that is missing, definitely. I sometimes wonder whether Apple is working on a 'different' solution on this. I would buy one the day this thing hits the shelves (and is affordable). And I do NOT want a cloud solution. Not for all my media and data.
I also completely agree. The App Store will be absolutely massive. Not only for the above mentioned reasons. But also because of the ease of installing software. For the average user, this is nearly a sole argument for switching to the Mac platform. - And developers will love it too! In principle, this is the perfect system for not having pirate copies!
They might have finally figured a way how to distribute papers and sealed a deal with them. Tomorrow the 'iPapers' store will open with full abonnement possibilities of major newspapers around the globe.
New Posts  All Forums: