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Just installed Lion and logged in. Tested it for about 30 sec - no doubt this is the best OS ever!
Installing is MUCH slower than the download. And the minutes indicator spectacularly wrong! Started of with saying '33 min remaining' about half an hour ago. Currently it says '22 min remaining'.
I am asked to start the setup ...
Here in the UK - I'm 1/3 through.
I agree - would have been a smart move.
But download is slow ... well, it is a big file, though. Come on, you have an entire data centre to push this one!
I'm pretty sure iPhone 5 won't be released before iOS 5, so Apple can offer it PC free, i.e. no need for the iPhone 5 any more to being activated through iTunes.
I wish, I knew what my IQ is. But I can't count that far.
Forgive me if I detect huge amounts of sarcasm in your post, nothing personal.[/QUOTE] Probably more amusement than sarcasm (but no offence taken!). I just thought this is a really funny page from Google. Although this is a very clear joke from Google, this doesn't necessarily mean they are not working on something serious with these kind of gestures. Also if you are watching the accompanying videos and this wife: 'we are made for kill' - really very funny!
You're right! Unbelievable! Hail Google, great invention, looking forward to this.
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