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They might have finally figured a way how to distribute papers and sealed a deal with them. Tomorrow the 'iPapers' store will open with full abonnement possibilities of major newspapers around the globe.
I'd say - just let's love CR again!
When Apple launched the iPad, they were short on supply, when they launched the iPhone 4 they were short on supply, and both times some insisted Apple was doing this on purpose. I don't think so, and if this is true, when they start whatever service this might be - at least they want to make sure not to be short on supply again. So: good move!
Yeah - I agree! That would be so funny and stir up the entire tech community in an unprecedented way. Simply because Steve would make true what he said recently: kill flash. (This doesn't mean I think it was the best move of Apple to abandon it - but this would surely kill it.)
That's insane - I remember that when iPad started earlier this year, people thought apple would sell 2-3 million in 2010. They sold over 7 million already and will probably sell around 10 million by the end of the year. How can this be something called not meeting the expectations!!
This would make enormous sense, once AirPlay is out. Maybe they use the MacMini as a home server, with the possibility to add more storage to it via USB (3.0). Then Apple would finally have arrived in the living room.
Fantastic! About time, I am really keen to see what they have been doing Macwise. I could imagine that the new OS allows a better sync among different devices. This would be quite important. This would be in line with new iWork and iLife that also need a better sync among device features. Can't wait to see what they will deliver!
Yep - that would be a great iteration!
Actually, I do agree. I also don't think this sounds like an Appleish approach. Apple usually doesn't follow a simple, impulsive idea 'yeah, let's bring touch to the Mac!' (as others do and fail), but give it some proper thought. I would also expect a different implementation, at least for the Mac, and would also not expect it before 10.8.
No, this was just an idea of a commentator. From this tech on you could think of any kind of hybrid interaction as you want.
New Posts  All Forums: