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Let's see how this thing looks at night!
I completely agree. Also look at people having home cinemas. An AppleTV is also ideal for those. An HDTV is just not attractive for them. The AppleTV is great already, make it the ultimate TV thing and plug it in whatever you want to watch TV/Movies/Rentals/etc.
I also got the internal error a couple of times and am still trying. I read elsewhere that it is because Apples servers are swamped with requests and can only handle half of them. The site also says, keep on trying, it can be tedious, but eventually you'll get trough. Maybe waiting a couple of days will help, too. Any volunteers?
Another addition for the 'post-PC' area. No more PC needed to setup your home WLAN.
If I want to login, it says that I have to setup iCloud first either on iOS 5 or Lion 10.7.2. Both not yet available ...
You can't login yet! Probably you forgot to test it.
Sad, terrible. Rest in peace
I couldn't agree more!! And I would add, the experience searching e.g. a film in the iTunes store is also a rather frustrating experience. I don't understand, why Apple isn't looking into this properly. It's quite crucial and making the user experience fun and convenient is what they are usually good at. One very simple thing I really would like to have is something similar to the hide button in iphoto: simply click it and the film/app/etc will not be shown again in the...
Probably 10.7.2 is only enabling iCloud. So, in principle could come out very soon after 10.7.1, which will be about fixing issues.
OK, just pointed my remote to my computer and pressed 'Menu' - nothing happened. I know there are people who never used FrontRow. I did and I think was of some use.
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