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Same with me - but if iCloud is free for those buying Lion, maybe Lion will be free for those having a MobileMe subscription?
After the current release of iWork for iPhone/iTouch, I expect that there will be a cloud version for this productivity suite. This will enable you to seamlessly continue working on a document on another device at the same point you left your document on another device - without copying, producing numerous versions on different devices that then become difficult to track. This would be extremely awesome and also highly interesting for business. OK - I would love such a...
I don't know, it seems Google is getting really serious with Android. It sounds they are heading in the right direction, even fighting fragmentation. I certainly not abandoning ship, but Google may become a serious competitor for Apple. Something MS isn't really in the mobile space.
Nice comment! I agree, iOS and MacOS should remain separate. Probably Apple is currently exploring how similar they can make both so that working with both is easy and at the same time keep them separate beasts.
I also liked the slider like tabs. Sure, it was an adjustment, but why not adjusting to something that's nice. It really looked good and made a lot of sense. Bummer!
I'm not so sure, it's that massive. I think Google operates around 30 of these.
Well I’m not too surprised by this. The delay of iWork suggested that it might be due to an incorporation in some cloud service. So I expect to see the next iteration of iWork tightly integrated with ‘iCloud’ – and am looking forward to this! – Keeping files in sync between computers is just a mess.
Read comment #124 and do your maths.
Not 70% of $1600, but 70% less: 0.7x1600=1120, so 1600-1120=480, i.e roughly the $499.
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