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  Yeeeesss ... that would be great. Even iWorks '11, '12, or even '13 would be fantastic - as I'm using these every day and these really need some update.
iWork is more than overdue for an update - Pages and Keynote are my main daily workhorses, Numbers is not that great (yet). Two of the most desired things for me are line numbering - I know the clumsy workaround, but this is not nice at all. Second, I really like to work with Pages in full-screen mode. Apple should make a real full-screen mode for Pages where tools are arranged in a senseful manner, like with e.g. iPhoto. Also they need to come up with a better iCloud...
Looks great to me! And so far I don't miss the sidebar.
FINALLY! At least an article about iWork. I use Pages on a daily basis. Why I still like it much better than Word, it is growing old and there are basic features missing, e.g. simple addition of line numbers (I know that there is a clunky workaround). Also numbers is a much better basic concept than Excel (>1 spreadsheet on one canvas), it is somewhat clumsy and lacks a lot of features/math operations. So, yes please bring an update to iWork! It's ridiculous to sell a...
There is MathType for iWork which works seamless and great. That's what I use for Pages.
Where is iOS 6??!!
What I always liked in particular about AI were the mockups more and less shortly before a keynote. But that's a long time ago ... now I have to find mockups on a normal newspaper webpage! It seems AI did it so far, no reading newspaper is more fun to see this kind of stuff. http://www.sueddeutsche.de/digital/geruechte-um-apple-smartphone-das-ist-das-neue-iphone-oder-nicht-1.1460362
Or they might just ditch it. Airport Express now looks pretty similar to Aiport Extreme, so they might just go along with one of them.
I agree with there being too many real images/leaks. Although, I might be able to live with it, if there at least also were the Photoshop images. These were often pretty cool!
Mac vs Windows ads; punch line: Mac OS just works Genius ads; punch line: you need a Genius to make it work. I don't think that's clever to the average user or potential switcher. Baseline of 'Mac just works' gets lost here. Someone didn't pay attention what actually happens in these ads.
New Posts  All Forums: