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Getting rid of the gloss wasn't top of my priority list for UI change. I hope there is more in the actual apps.
  I think they don't market it, because the ATV they really have in mind will have a different feature set. So until this new ATV comes out, they won't market the old one, as they don't want to put off customers who bought the current ATV.
Well, at least it's a rumour about a new Apple device!
"New" features: - Add line numbers (Pages) - Add the possibility to open the styles drawer when in full screen mode (Pages) - Make full screen mode more functional, e.g. like iPhoto - Ability in Mail to attach iWork documents from iCloud - More functionality in Numbers, e.g. the simple possibility to transpose lines and columns - etc.
I admire Apple and I admired Steve Jobs, but I have the same respect for Bill Gates than I have for Apple and had for Steve Jobs. But it is funny to hear Bill Gates practically saying that he wants iPads and MacBooks in every school. Don't believe it? Listen for yourself at 8.10 minutes at:   http://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gates_teachers_need_real_feedback.html
Actially - I do, and would like to continue to do so. Write an email, then choose my attachments. Because: what if you want to attach a pages AND a numbers document?
  OK, e.g.: go to Mail, click attachment and try to attach your document saved in iCloud. No problem attaching a document saved on the computer. 
  Yeah - I completely agree. I'm really curious if they start making serious UI changes. Another thing might be a much more rigorous iCloud integration - and correct the incomprehensible iWork iCloud integration.
  I certainly hope so. Obviously, everything is getting colourful and translucent. But seriously: I much more appreciate WWDC logo design analysis than talking too much about legal issues, Samsung, Windows, etc. I'm not against it, but primarily I enjoy to discuss news from Apple here - Apple products.
  Does this mean we get a glimpse of 10.9?
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