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The icon looks like a Mandelbrot set: no matter which device you are using, it's always the same and familiar. Nice choice.
It's interesting that it is 'about the future of iOS and OS X' and not 'the future of OS X and iOS'. Cleary iOS became the prime focus for Apple.
 Great comment!
A significant share of artist don't care about selling music. They play concerts and earn a lot there. So, music folks, go out an earn your money!
Interesting description: 'entitled' generation. Did you invent it? But it would be interesting and necessary to check, whether previous generations had a similar feeling towards their siblings.
NFC is almost certain, as Apple wants to push ApplePay. A non-ApplePay iPhone would be very akward.
If you look at the age of congress men, at least, yes, there are many that could/should retire.
Maybe they included retired people and teens?
Is Leisure/Social = Facebook?
New Posts  All Forums: