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 If I get personal statements, I always get this impulse to do the same or at least also making a personal statement, but disguising it in an argument. But no, not this time. It's not what Apple would do.
I did not assume this. mike1 did this.
 Well spotted. No, I have never been involved in product development. If I were, I maybe would let third parties know about something like home kit before I make a public announcement about it.
About time. HomeKit sounded good last year and I hope it will be. But implementation is much slower than I expected. I just hope there won't be too many new panels and logins required. The various iCloud services are convoluted enough.
Being inclusive is bigger than politics.
There is a quite positive article in one of the biggest german newspapers:http://www.sueddeutsche.de/digital/streamingdienst-apple-music-startet-holprig-kann-aber-ueberzeugen-1.2547556
My thoughts exactly. The entire iCloud settings got massively convoluted and hard to understand. Just think of someone new to the platform. There is your apple id setup and management, your itunes setup and management same for app stores, ibooks, etc. Not to speak of the oddities of family sharing. From Apple I would expect one single pane that let me manage everything. Simply add subscriptions, remove subscriptions, etc. At least, with Music I expected I would be prompted...
Easy to find is relative. I know enough people who don't get the different concepts of iTunes Match and Apple Music easily. Primarily, because they don't want to engage too much with such details. Which is why they switched to the Apple platform initially ...
Oh yeah! Exactly my thoughts. As an iTunes Match subscriber I really am confused about this. At least, an iTunes Match subscription should be included in Apple Music. For now, I'm sticking with iTunes Match only.
And they even show an AppleWatch at 1:54?!
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