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And they even show an AppleWatch at 1:54?!
Don't let my post fool you about my gender.And, why should I answer, when you know it already? I have the impression, if you see a representative gender mix on stage, it might represent the mix of quality for this job in the population.If you, say for medical research, want to know what plants live in the jungle, and are only shown fern, then you probably miss out a whole lot of opportunities.
Good move to no longer let this be men only shows!
At least this means Apple Music will be available in many countries. Unlike iTunes Radio.
For people who want home kit without appleTV.
All you need is a tiny USB airplay stick, dude.
Why should there still be AppleTV and Airport/TimeCapsule?. Why not merge these into one product, extend it so that it acts as the central hub in your home? That would be my prediction for next Monday.
And finally, there is an update to the Magic Trackpad! It is a fantastic input device – and will get even better, once force touch is implemented.
Well, if leaving your phone on the desk in the living room while bringing your children to bed is challenging – then probably keeping your phone with you all the time, even during bed time, is probably an addiction. If, as a parent, you can't control your addiction, then probably you have a problem with parenting. Not that you are a bad parent, but your not fully yourself while parenting and you have difficulties all that is necessary in certain times, such as bed time of...
Sure it doesn't make him a more competent parent. Otherwise this would not be necessary this way. But really, this kind of reasoning is weird.
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