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Independent what you think about Google: Free iWorks and a similar product from Google will make it increasingly difficult for MS and their paid solutions to play in this field.
It appears to be an old photo, as the date at the lower left is 12. February 2014.
For how long did you give it a try? Every new program takes a while, but iWork really pays off – but well, that's for me. I can imagine environments where Office is simply better suited. 
OK – in Theme. Quite obvious. Interesting.
And where do I find dark mode?
Well, then we'll see whether they can beat McDonald's: 'After 14 years of intense negotiations; McDonald's finally entered into the Soviet Union on January 31, 1990. This flagship store located in Moscow's Pushkin Square, was the world's largest McDonald's boasting of 28 cash registers and seating capacity for around 700 customers. The first day of McDonald's in Russia broke the record for inaugural sales in McDonald's history serving more than 30,000 customers on the...
I have to say -- it's in my brain already.
 I have exactly the same problem. Very odd and annoying.
 Where this will lead? Well, sit back and enjoy the show.
If they offer a Retina MBA, it will at the beginning probably be optional. But it would be one hell of a machine!
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