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Are you telling me Apple didn't update their display lineup, because they are waiting for Thunderbolt 3 since 2011 ...? If you are right, well, that would be even more strange. Having better displays on the shelves, but unfortunately, the port is not ready.
I have a non-Apple monitor at work attached to my Mac machine. Good monitor, but not the finish and style as an Apple monitor. Apple had a solid lead with its Cinema displays. It is very unclear to me, why they neglect their display line that much. Initially I thought because they want to marry it with Apple TV. But this doesn't seem to happen. So come on and bring something solid to this category.
This will be the most interesting Apple product launch in decades. iPhone was clear that everyone wanted one, and everyone who had one tried to convince friends and family to buy this phenomenal product. Everyone wants a phone. Not everyone needs a tablet. Still, iPad was and is hot. Regarding a smart watch, this will be interesting to a still smaller share of people. In addition, many already spent lots of money for iPhone and maybe iPad. So AppleWatch will be much...
I understand your point. But I am simply not happy being forced by the app into this. If there were a 'Skip' button, as many other apps have it – fine. But for the moment, your App is off from my phone.I also have to say I agree with many here, that I am mainly here for the comments and discussion, which are great. AI content is often not very much from 'inside Apple'. For me, there are too many app reviews or pointless news about historic barns on the new Apple campus...
Same here, just deleted the app. Website is enough. AI has good information, but quality of the posts is not always great. Also lot of advertised editorials etc and not so important informations. And no adjustment for iPhone 6 makes the app rather the opposite of what I expect from a quality app.
Well, for this part Continuity would help switching between both – if it'd work properly.
Can someone please remind me why Apple decides to produce a 12" MBA, when they have a 11" and 13" MBA. How would the 12" fit into their product line?
Are you drunk or is your auto correct not working? Who is talking about goats?
Family sharing is great and makes a lot of sense. The real rubbish is that if you have kids, and they already have an Apple id, you can't convert these ids to child Apple ids. So, either you have to create new ids for them, which doesn't make any sense, or you have to add them as adults to family sharing %u2013 which also doesn't make any sense. So, kids with existing Apple ids can't really be added to family sharing. I only hope Apple will soon solve this seemingly easy...
 I'm still very happy with OS X, and use Windows only occasionally, so can't comment on this. But there is a level of unusual problems I haven't seen before. And Apple seems to have some trouble patching all these issues in time. Also, for example, the new iWork is a mess, in particular Pages, as you can see in many support forums. Still, I'm in general happy with Pages, and as a long time user won't change quickly. But there is quite something software wise that needs...
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