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 I'm still very happy with OS X, and use Windows only occasionally, so can't comment on this. But there is a level of unusual problems I haven't seen before. And Apple seems to have some trouble patching all these issues in time. Also, for example, the new iWork is a mess, in particular Pages, as you can see in many support forums. Still, I'm in general happy with Pages, and as a long time user won't change quickly. But there is quite something software wise that needs...
 A fingerprint sensor would be nice in laptops. As in phones, it would add a new layer of security for unlocking after wake up, but also for a whole bunch of apps, from banking to app passwords or online logins. Much better than remembering all these passwords and usernames or installing something like 1password. Apple is incredibly good on hardware. But their software has to catch up lately, rather buggy these days ...
Yeah, I'd really like to know what keeps iCloud iWork in beta (not that it isn't). But I – and many others – could easily tell why Mac iWork 5.5 is still in beta, although not officially. And that is a shame. I use it since about a decade on a daily basis. iWork 09 was rock solid, although not perfect. And now this ... 
Apple Watch will be the most intriguing product launch in a very long time!
Looks nice. – I think, it is removing all elements, so that they can re-add more differentiating elements, just in a very different way. As usual, Apple is moving slowly there, without rushing in a cluttered new design and then change it, as it doesn't work.
I fully agree and am a bit confused by this as well. He talks too much political issues, but rarely (except keynotes, of course) technical issues. Although I agree with Tim's political views – that's not why I want to listen to him.
Already one of the best comments ever!
Can't innovate! – That's what I was waiting for! Get your credit cards ready!
 And you are already in the post-upper-caps area. Someone writing about correct writing should show he knows the current conventions. You fail.
That actually is a good idea!
New Posts  All Forums: