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Yeah, that's good! I agree with this ... and so would someone else.
The most important thing is, it's retina. I will never ever buy any non-retina device.
Take blue this time!
Is it only US or also available in other countries? Can't find it in the UK store.
Tablets have their value. I can't imagine being without an iPad anymore. However, I do not feel the need for a frequent upgrade cycle. A new iPad every 3-5 years is more than fine to me. And I find the same reasoning among many other iPad owners. In my opinion slower tablet sales are simply the result of slower upgrade cycles of this category.
Why don't you just visibly flag to everyone comments for a month that you intend to delete? This would provide some idea of your censorship and you would get valuable feedback whether this seems reasonable to the reasonable participant – or not.
This is highly appreciated, and the app now back on my phone. Thanks.
An even thinner rMBA, i.e. including retina, would be and absolutely awesome beauty! I don't mind if the number of ports decrease. The MBA is all about portability, not connectivity – but because of that, MagSafe is imperative!
Are you telling me Apple didn't update their display lineup, because they are waiting for Thunderbolt 3 since 2011 ...? If you are right, well, that would be even more strange. Having better displays on the shelves, but unfortunately, the port is not ready.
I have a non-Apple monitor at work attached to my Mac machine. Good monitor, but not the finish and style as an Apple monitor. Apple had a solid lead with its Cinema displays. It is very unclear to me, why they neglect their display line that much. Initially I thought because they want to marry it with Apple TV. But this doesn't seem to happen. So come on and bring something solid to this category.
New Posts  All Forums: