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NFC is almost certain, as Apple wants to push ApplePay. A non-ApplePay iPhone would be very akward.
If you look at the age of congress men, at least, yes, there are many that could/should retire.
Maybe they included retired people and teens?
Is Leisure/Social = Facebook?
I think AppleWatch will be like the MacBook Air: slow start, mediocre reviews - but the future.
Why is MacID for OS X not available on the App Store? Can't find it, only MacID for iOS.
 ... and the update killed my AppleTV. The little light doesn't turn on. Unplugging from and re-plugging brings back an Apple logo for a few seconds – that's it. Dead. Very rubbish update!!!
I have to say, that today iOS 8.2 froze my iPhone 6 for a few minutes, and then re-booted. That was the first time since years of iPhone usage on 3 different models!
In Europe its 450 Euros for the cheapest men version and 400 for the cheapest woman version. So if partners want to send their heartbeats to each other, that's 850 Euros in total. In any case – that's a lot for a category that makes intuitively less sense than when the first iPhone was presented. It would be a nice have to, but I thought if it is 300 Euros max, it could be interesting. For what Apple wants, it's too much.
New Posts  All Forums: