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  Yeah, I think that's the real upside to all of this.
Yeah, but the Product (Red) is an absolutely gorgeous red. I always opt for this, if available.
As Long as I can get it in black I don't care.
  Very good point. It would be odd to keep it with the 30 pin connector. Having said that, they still carry the iPod classic with a 30 pin connector.
Maybe Mac Pro? Remember, Apple also produces computers.
That sounds exotic!
The Icon pane not only looks the same as iOS, but regarding the layout also Launchpad in OS X. I wonder how much design change we will see in Mavericks. So far there don't seem to be that many design changes in Mavericks.
I can't see this in the UK store.
Wow! That is quite some change!
I think, what he means is: there are virtually no more stories about the Mac. So ignoring iDevice/OS stories would mean, ignoring AI almost entirely – and I agree. It would be nice to have more (in depth) stories about the Mac and Mavericks.
New Posts  All Forums: