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 If this is a protruding lens – and I think it is – it seems, the iPhone won't get much thinner in future iterations.
These bands are very strange. They almost look as some plastic to peel off – and I would like to peel it off ...
 Na, they are about to set up a demo hospital to showcase how health kit is used in the ambulance, intensive care, during appointments, etc. Will be enlightening!
That's exactly what I thought. Just a few years ago it was said that NFC is lame and only Samsung/Android can do something stupid like this. Apple will come up with a better solution. I seriously thought there would be something even more sophisticated. Maybe not.
Nice additions from Dropbox! The soon to go live iCloud Drive seems to have its effect.
Independent what you think about Google: Free iWorks and a similar product from Google will make it increasingly difficult for MS and their paid solutions to play in this field.
It appears to be an old photo, as the date at the lower left is 12. February 2014.
For how long did you give it a try? Every new program takes a while, but iWork really pays off – but well, that's for me. I can imagine environments where Office is simply better suited. 
OK – in Theme. Quite obvious. Interesting.
And where do I find dark mode?
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