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Exactly, and iOS 67, indicating the health focus, as 67 is the average heart rate of a 56 year old.
iPhone 6 will have a 6" screen size. It's as simple as that.
Just make a nice remote App for my phone to navigate ATV - that's all I need.
 Right, but now its more Apple-esque. Before it was more clumsy.
About time. All these channels were ridiculous – especially when you live in a country in which you can't receive them ...
OK, thanks for the clarification. However, on one hand this sounds like a lot of (de)activations I've to do. On the other hand I'll ultimately judge it once it's widely implemented. Most of the time Apple does a good job on such things and remains unobtrusive. We'll see.
 Well, it sounds as if I get notifications whenever I'm close to an iBeacon, e.g. when entering an Apple store, grocery store, a mall, movie theatre, ...
I don't know. To me iBeacon only sounds like getting flooded with messages whenever I'm walking through the city, mall, etc. - basically wherever I am. That's definitely not an attractive prospect. At least not for me.
It't time they discontinue the 30 pin line and move to Lightning. Will be interesting whether they still continue with the 30 pin iPod Classic.
Morgan Stanley's prediction of only $17.5B was below the Street's expectation of at least $19.7B for the iWatch in 2014, which caused Apple stocks to plummet 17% in the first 10 minutes after the announcement.
New Posts  All Forums: