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I think I need to set this right: the new iPhone looks great! And if I had the money I would instantly replace my current iPhone 5. The thing is, as many here said, it would have been really interesting to see this possibly distinctive feature in action. Instead, all they said was 'it gets better with usage'. In the past Apple showed more confidence with feature introductions, touting it as great and demoing this. I would have enjoyed this at today's keynote.
But why didn't they demo this maybe key feature??!! Uncertain it would work?
 Yes, sweet!
 Thanks for these thorough explanations. As I understand you, most of your arguments are from a professional perspective, which is fair enough. I probably have a mixed perspective and have to say that I expected more. I thought moving from cat names to a new naming scheme would be a chance to show us something more new. From what Apple presented, e.g. Calendar is new and all nice, but it doesn't have a particular touch. There are numerous possibilities to make OS X a quite...
Can anyone explain what the difference really is between these push notifications and Twitter? E.g. AI, they send twitter posts of their articles. If they also send push notifications – what do I gain? I get the same information twice. Doesn't sound like an improvement, and sounds as if push notifications are Apple's microblog solution (surely there is a character restriction on these notifications).
 Could you emphasise what exactly you find gorgeous about it. From what is announced, it doesn't seem too different from ML.
It will be interesting again when they add epub 3.0.
  Right, I don't wear a watch since almost 30 years.  But I would be very interested in buying a wrist-worn iDevice!
What kind of nonsense is that? Seriously, it would be interesting how an iPhone fares when dropped on concrete, so DROP it on concrete and don't stab it with a knife! However, it seems an iPhone will probably protect you when someone stabs you, but you have your iPhone in the pocket of your shirt.
  Yeah, I think that's the real upside to all of this.
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