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Well this ist the most quiet update I've ever seen - the website doesn't even add a NEW badge to the iMacs!
When Apple put in a compass to the iPhone a long time ago, for some reason I felt, I urgently needed a compass, as this is a really nice feature/sensor. Something similar (sensor-wise) never happened for me since then – until now: I have this urgent feeling, I need a fingerprint sensor. Seriously, this is a cool feature, and I feel rather outdated with my old fashioned, restricted, nothing more than a lame push button on my iPhone 5. In my opinion, Touch ID is still...
 Hey, were you just watching me!
I'm also on my second attempt and will now deposit my iPhone directly on my AEBS.
 Well, I think everyone sharing his/her nerdiness here is interested in this vital information.
16 more long minutes
An I'm still up to date with iOS 6.1.4. Bother!
 I was thinking exactly the same, and also prepare for a long list of individual app articles on the AI main site ...
 Well, anodised means that the outermost layer gets coloured. Its not like when you dye something and a cloth gets the colour through and through. So, when you scratch away the outermost, coloured layer you see the natural aluminium. 
 OK, so I'll start 9.44 ...
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