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 Could you emphasise what exactly you find gorgeous about it. From what is announced, it doesn't seem too different from ML.
It will be interesting again when they add epub 3.0.
  Right, I don't wear a watch since almost 30 years.  But I would be very interested in buying a wrist-worn iDevice!
What kind of nonsense is that? Seriously, it would be interesting how an iPhone fares when dropped on concrete, so DROP it on concrete and don't stab it with a knife! However, it seems an iPhone will probably protect you when someone stabs you, but you have your iPhone in the pocket of your shirt.
  Yeah, I think that's the real upside to all of this.
Yeah, but the Product (Red) is an absolutely gorgeous red. I always opt for this, if available.
As Long as I can get it in black I don't care.
  Very good point. It would be odd to keep it with the 30 pin connector. Having said that, they still carry the iPod classic with a 30 pin connector.
Maybe Mac Pro? Remember, Apple also produces computers.
That sounds exotic!
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