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AI should add an 'iOS 7 Countdown' article so we can start the appropriate thread there. I am really keen on testing this new iOS iteration!
Well, people are online in line (as I am). My guess would also be 10 am Cupertino, as this seems to be their preferred time slot for 'announcements'. 
What time is iOS 7 to debut anyway? It doesn't show up yet.
 Couldn't agree more. That was exactly what worried me too when reading this. But Touch ID really shouldn't be a failure for Apple. I hope this tech is better than a fair share here worries it actually will be. I don't know what the success rate of accurate finger print reading must be for it to be a success. My guess is, it must be >95%.
 So, if there is an accident nearby, and you urgently need to call the police or the doctor, you need to remember your passcode.Anyway, here's the reason why they didn't demo that feature, as already suspected by some ...
I think someone else said it as well: the strategy is a little elusive. If it were for the colour alone, the could have made the iP-C more like the existing iPod, which are simply gorgeous with their aluminium colours. It's a bit strange they chose plastic instead of coloured aluminium.
I think I need to set this right: the new iPhone looks great! And if I had the money I would instantly replace my current iPhone 5. The thing is, as many here said, it would have been really interesting to see this possibly distinctive feature in action. Instead, all they said was 'it gets better with usage'. In the past Apple showed more confidence with feature introductions, touting it as great and demoing this. I would have enjoyed this at today's keynote.
But why didn't they demo this maybe key feature??!! Uncertain it would work?
 Yes, sweet!
 Thanks for these thorough explanations. As I understand you, most of your arguments are from a professional perspective, which is fair enough. I probably have a mixed perspective and have to say that I expected more. I thought moving from cat names to a new naming scheme would be a chance to show us something more new. From what Apple presented, e.g. Calendar is new and all nice, but it doesn't have a particular touch. There are numerous possibilities to make OS X a quite...
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