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Well, they are the perfect shape for the clock icon.
A bit short for a feature – and somehow there isn't much on 'sharing buttons' as promised in the header. And when you remember Steve Jobs quote 'We made the buttons so nice, you want to lick them.' I can see why people find the new UI controversial. I'm not sure whether people feel compelled to lick the buttons in the new UI.
OK, I agree with you on that criticism. But just because you have a point doesn't mean it should be free.Double dipping is probably the best description I've heard for this so far. Data supplied by a shared folder should not be eaten off your quota.
I think it's really annoying that people think other people's work should be free. I have no problems at all to pay for a great service such as dropbox.
No, no bashing for this. But Apple might have different reasons for not including an SD slot, such as performance, i.e. slow speed from SD-cards compared to on board memory.
That sounds all great and a fantastic addition. I'm very much looking forward to it. Funny though that Apple still uses skeuomorphics in OS X and iCloud
I really wonder how all this white impacts battery life?!
Fully agree. I also think space names would have been more imaginative.
Great to see something is happening in this space! Looking forward to the release of iWork '14 later this year.
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