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 Where this will lead? Well, sit back and enjoy the show.
If they offer a Retina MBA, it will at the beginning probably be optional. But it would be one hell of a machine!
Well, that is actually what I am waiting for since some time! Good to hear. But it sounds non-trivial. Taking the thermometer. You want to make sure it doesn't measure your body temperature. Otherwise this is just great. Simply consider what kind of crowd sourced data you get from this. Netatmo made a very good start into this with its home appliances.
This app is around since a while and works great. It's called Heart Rate – only the constant advertisement to buy additional apps of the company are annoying. Also they diversify in too many different health monitoring apps just to cash in.
I couldn't agree more: transparency, especially on iOS, is nothing but a distraction. Windows had transparency in Vista and I thought that was one of the worst UI decisions.
 You might be right from a developer perspective. So no argument here. I was talking from a user perspective. There I can't see a big difference to 10.8. It's not a complaint, more an observation. As such more UI consistency between iOS and OS X is desirable, e.g. icons.
I also don't expect OS X to look like iOS. Although, in principal it is almost possible with Launchpad and full screen apps. At the moment it would feel forced to unify OS X and iOS. If there is a point in the future, when a separation of OS X and iOS feels forced, a unification will come. But this day still appears quite far away.
Mavericks was quite an incremental update, except you count the addition of two apps (maps & iBooks) as real OS extensions. Some further OS expansion would in my opinion be tighter cloud integration. Another possibility is a more extensive UI overhaul and more similarities to iOS. I personally find it confusing that Contacts, Mail, Safari, etc. icons are different on OS X and iOS.
 And Apple delivered during this time. Whether you judge them amazing or not is up to you. For example I find Touch ID quite impressive. Just about half a year ago.
This is nice. Now I hope Apple comes out with its solution and an encryption wrap around it that no one, including Apple, can't access all your connected data.
New Posts  All Forums: