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Those 750k are not watches, but TV dongles loaded with movies.
Simple strategy: make everything that's possible, throw it at the customer, observe what sticks - and make more of those. A bit lame creativity wise, but possible if you have the money and resources.
 Yes, I am using it since years. I know this argument and I now start using iWork 09 again. The problem is: there was no warning. When you open a pages document, its converted into a Pages 5 Document. No (simple) way to get it back into 09. In particular, when things are lost (e.g. formatting). So you are left alone with converted pages documents that are not as they were before. That's no disaster? Believe me, it is. Also, as files are converted, it's not such a good idea...
Real artists ship.
In the light of the iWork disaster this looks good. I am using iWork since years as only Office suite. I don't think I want to go back to MS Office. I don't want to pay $100 per year. But Apple has to rectify what they have done with iWork, or I might jump ship in a year or so.
That is FANTASTIC! About time. Can't wait to get my hands on it and test it.
I knew it!
I think Apple will at least sell 12M iWatches. Mark my word!
 No, they don't. But Apple desperately needs an event to make iCloud something great. Not only some contact, calendar, reminder, etc. sync app. And if anyone read the article about dropbox in the current Wired issue, that's exactly what dropbox is doing and extending massively. So Apple needs some bigger strategy for iCloud, or, as someone else said back out here and leave this to dropbox. Just found the link to this really interesting...
 That's what I thought as well. Yet it would be utterly stupid: Force your users to delete files in the cloud (as I did) just to give them back cloud storage 2 weeks or so later. Really why on Earth would that make sense? If so, they would have extended the 25 GB until this event, or had the event before the 25 GB expired. 
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