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Agreed. I'm hoping for a nice price break on the new iPad Air 2 for Black Friday this week! Just waitin' with finger on the trigger 😉.
That's great news! One more reason I'll choose one of their hotels on my next vacation.
Thanks for the great article Daniel!
+1 Good comment. My thoughts are similar.
Totally enjoying my iPhone 6+! The display is just mesmerizing!
I started trying to pre-order right at 12:01a last night and kept running into glitches after selecting which iPhone I wanted. Finally about 12:56am my order went through successfully using the Apple store app on my iPhone. I got what wanted: iPhone 6 + in space gray 64gb scheduled for delivery on launch day no less. Big smile for me!!!
I'd like to see the option to pay annually. I hate monthly bills for stuff like this, but the new pricing tiers are excellent.
I can't wait. Bring it!
I thought it was just me experiencing this hiccup after I'd tried for about 30 minutes last night to download a couple of movie purchases. I checked the system status page and it showed everything in the green. A few minutes later it started working again. Annoying, but I guess it's inevitable that outages will occur. Glad it's fixed!
New Posts  All Forums: