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I thought it was just me experiencing this hiccup after I'd tried for about 30 minutes last night to download a couple of movie purchases. I checked the system status page and it showed everything in the green. A few minutes later it started working again. Annoying, but I guess it's inevitable that outages will occur. Glad it's fixed!
Cool video and congrats to Denise!
I've been hoping this feature would come to iOS natively. Great to hear it maybe in the works for iOS 8.
Since I have iTunes Match I appreciate listening to iTunes Radio commercial free. Sadly, even with nearly matching music seeds for it & my Pandora stations, I can't seem to get iTunes Radio to duplicate the listening experience I enjoy on Pandora. Lots of repetition of the same songs that I don't like is my experience on iTunes Radio with just a handful of songs I do like. This is especially the case for the electronic genre of music. I hope it gets better soon!
The UI looks fine in its first iteration. I absolutely hate the aesthetics of the Ferrari touch screen & buttons. The unit just screams rushed & cheap and that's a shame for such a beautiful car and media interface. Nonetheless kudos to Ferrari & Apple for this collaboration!
Couldn't agree more!
I'm happy to see this news! I begun to think it might just be me who's experiencing this 'fade' problem. Thanks Appleinsider, Apple, & AuthenTec:-)
Great hook to get users to download the app. I've been putting off getting the digital copy for The Incredibles for a while. I'm all in. Thanks Apple & Disney!
Hmm...An interesting development.
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