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There service in my opinion is the best bar-none. I do however like the iPhone a little more and will risk getting bad customer service if T-Mobile doesn't have the iPhone available on their network by the release of the 5th gen iPhone mid 2011-I'll be switching to AT&T to get one. I just hope for the best but plan for the worst in this situation. I hope AT&T's cs is better since I tried to port my number to them 7 years ago. Time will tell
Sweet! Hopefully his talent can only help Apple's ability to get the terms they need to make the iTunes Music Store more successful.
I too appreciate that this is coming. The short 30 second clips have impacted my decision to buy lengthy songs from iTunes in the past, particularly ones I've only heard once. Kudos Apple!
But Extraordinary it will be when we have multi-carrier choice along with multi-retail choice!
Must Be Nice!
I personally don't think Apple would cripple this flagship iDevice by not giving it the ability to make calls worldwide. That wouldn't be in harmony with Apple's customer/user friendly moto
Just do it!
Such uniformity would certainly help to keep their manufacturing process clean & simple. Very profitable & smart idea
Wow! Pretty cool tech for the shiny iDevices
T-Mobile USA gets in on the action I'll be a happy iPhone buyer soon I hope!
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