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Cat and Mouse-Sometimes one is Tom, sometimes one is Jerry. Either way it's always entertaining!
Score 1 for Apple & Apple TV
This is another reason why I appreciate Apple and its cool CEO!
As Apple is a perfectionist-I think it's better they wait and get it right the first time rather than release it on time just for the sake of being on time. IMHO Apple wants it to be a perfect '10' when its released to the public Patent violation notwithstanding of course-that's a whole other ball game.
Could be the reason why it's being denied. Time will tell
Very cool prospects for wireless headphones made by Apple.
I hope T-Mobile gets the iPhone by the release of the 5th gen iPhone next year. Either way I'll be getting one as I have no interest in any android phone. Which means I'll likely be switching carriers next summer. Come on T-Mobile...I want to stay with you guys-beg Apple!
There service in my opinion is the best bar-none. I do however like the iPhone a little more and will risk getting bad customer service if T-Mobile doesn't have the iPhone available on their network by the release of the 5th gen iPhone mid 2011-I'll be switching to AT&T to get one. I just hope for the best but plan for the worst in this situation. I hope AT&T's cs is better since I tried to port my number to them 7 years ago. Time will tell
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