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I agree with you on that last part especially..and add that T-Mobile needs to be included. All Apple fans no matter their network provider should have the option to get the iphone from their present provider. IMHO it really sucks to not have the choice like we do with our home ISP's for our Mac's.
I look forward to the new store.
Wow that's scary to hear that. I'm presently a T-Mobile customer and I'm thinking about switching to AT&T next summer when the iphone 5 is released. I really like T-Mobile and wouldn't even be considering leaving if it weren't for the iphone. However, the next version is still a way off and perhaps Apple will show T-Mobile some love by then-I hope!!!
Please just make it available to natively run on ALL US wireless carriers Apple your customers deserve to have this choice!
I wish Apple great success in their efforts on this!
Same here
I 2nd that, thought
iphone or bust!
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