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Since I have iTunes Match I appreciate listening to iTunes Radio commercial free. Sadly, even with nearly matching music seeds for it & my Pandora stations, I can't seem to get iTunes Radio to duplicate the listening experience I enjoy on Pandora. Lots of repetition of the same songs that I don't like is my experience on iTunes Radio with just a handful of songs I do like. This is especially the case for the electronic genre of music. I hope it gets better soon!
The UI looks fine in its first iteration. I absolutely hate the aesthetics of the Ferrari touch screen & buttons. The unit just screams rushed & cheap and that's a shame for such a beautiful car and media interface. Nonetheless kudos to Ferrari & Apple for this collaboration!
Couldn't agree more!
I'm happy to see this news! I begun to think it might just be me who's experiencing this 'fade' problem. Thanks Appleinsider, Apple, & AuthenTec:-)
Great hook to get users to download the app. I've been putting off getting the digital copy for The Incredibles for a while. I'm all in. Thanks Apple & Disney!
Hmm...An interesting development.
I honestly wish this matter would be over already.
Nice interview. Apple executives show remarkable restraint in their interview responses, especially in crafting them in a way that doesn't reveal too much about their future plans, but definitely wets the appetite. We all just need to stay tuned.
I have the iPhone 5s & iPad mini first gen, both running iOS 7, and this problem has been pervasive in crashing both of my devices with regularity. I'm very happy they're working on a fix. This perhaps is the only complaint I have with the new iOS 7.
I like the fit & finish of the user experience on iTunes Radio, though the music app still crashes sometimes on both my iPhone 5s and iPad mini. Sadly, the genre of music I listen to most electronic/dance/world/chill needs major improvement in the songs automatically selected to play based on my seed artist & tracks. As one reviewer stated in their blog, iTunes Radio needs to hire someone to help curate the above mentioned genres to make them relevant to the user's...
New Posts  All Forums: