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This sounds so cool! As long as the user has the ability to turn this feature off/on as they choose, this will be a welcome addition for apps going forward.
I have the same configuratioin with my iPad mini & smart cover as iphone_ui_guy. On a side note: I wish Apple would bring back orange colored smart covers.
I'm sure the Space Gray will look nicer in person than in photos, but I have the iPad mini in black/slate and really like the finish. For the most part it has weathered well, though one small spot where I hold it most often has rubbed out to reveal the aluminum finish beneath. But given the option I'd choose this color again with a new mini. It's a very flattering color on the device.
Time for me to update my desktop.
Great review! Can't wait to get my new iPhone 5s:-)
Enjoyable commmercial for the iPhone 5c. Very fun!
Agreed. I thought the same thing when I saw this clip.
I agree with macxpress. It would be nice for Apple to be privately owned. Investors & analyst are an unhealthy distraction from Apple's core direction.
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