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Nice!  Looking forward to this.
These UI design elements have their place.  I feel they warm up the interface.  Balance of course is important so Apple UI designers & their management team do well to try to manage its use in the OS.  On a personal note, I don't really like the Game Center UI, but I understand the point Apple wanted to get across to its users with the look and feel it creates for the gaming environment.
I'm all ears when this becomes available.
No doubt about Apple's lead, but kudos to Amazon with the enhancements to their tablet line.
Way to go Apple!
I agree with Bruce that we should have this right, but I don't think Apple should be the ones he sues. This is likely put in place by the record labels. Apple has only so much power. I hope for the best for all digital music users.
John Browett really needs to be fired. This will definitely damage employee morale, damage customer relationships, & ultimately kill sales and the profits he's seeking to add to an already swollen bottom line. Unlike Apple products, John doesn't work!
That's what I want!
I've wondered the same thing. Something else I've been thinking about with these iPad mini rumors is if Apple might consider renaming the iPod touch to be 'iPad nano' to realign it with the iPad theme since its grown far beyond the iPod of yesterday. My 2 cents😉
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