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I too noticed that enhanced podcast have been left out in the cold with chapters & album art missing.  Hopefully they'll update this missing feature quick.
Looks very legit.
Not having turn-by-turn on my iPhone 4 will be a drag.  I was really hoping it would at least be made available on this edition of the iPhone.  #Sucks!
Very grateful for this upgrade.  Goodbye to rented GPS on car rentals!
Like it! Want it!
Cool. I've had one since it went sale back in December 2011. It's immensely gratifying to use!
Great design by a great company.
Ron needs more time. Once his plans are fulfilled for JCP that's when the market will have a clearer picture of how successful his efforts will be.
Granted the list is judging 'Fastest growing', but it's hardly relevant when compared to the revenue & impact of other companies listed especially in comparison to Apple. LinkedIn?! NEXT!!!
I hope for the best. The legal battles are due for settlement. Too much money has already been spent. It's time to reinvest it back into R&D.
New Posts  All Forums: