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Granted the list is judging 'Fastest growing', but it's hardly relevant when compared to the revenue & impact of other companies listed especially in comparison to Apple. LinkedIn?! NEXT!!!
I hope for the best. The legal battles are due for settlement. Too much money has already been spent. It's time to reinvest it back into R&D.
This will be the best looking section in Walmart. Hopefully they'll have staff assigned to keep it up to par.
A wonderful progression of packaging design!
I agree! This is an unfortunate reality for people at many large corporations\
What in the world!?!
Perhaps they should look at how US companies are treating their workers on US soil first, then try to save the rest of the planet, OK!
I still want one!!!
Yes the upgrade would b nice for SD & 720p HD versions as well. Hope they're considering these options.
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