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Cool. I've had one since it went sale back in December 2011. It's immensely gratifying to use!
Great design by a great company.
Ron needs more time. Once his plans are fulfilled for JCP that's when the market will have a clearer picture of how successful his efforts will be.
Granted the list is judging 'Fastest growing', but it's hardly relevant when compared to the revenue & impact of other companies listed especially in comparison to Apple. LinkedIn?! NEXT!!!
I hope for the best. The legal battles are due for settlement. Too much money has already been spent. It's time to reinvest it back into R&D.
This will be the best looking section in Walmart. Hopefully they'll have staff assigned to keep it up to par.
A wonderful progression of packaging design!
I agree! This is an unfortunate reality for people at many large corporations\
What in the world!?!
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