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Well good for them. This make work out better in the long run AT&T.
Not good!
One more reason to appreciate my iOS devices! Thanks Apple - the walled garden is lovely!
It's as painful to read about as I'm sure the user experience sounds like on this device is. This likely will be a waste of money to a heavy mobile device user. Perhaps Amazon will try to do better if they bring out a second generation of this device and/or software update. I believe they can do better, but are by no means our coveted Apple
If its indeed true, I dislike that they're discontinuing the orange one. If anything I was hoping they'd make if more resilient against potential staining. Interesting it's still showing in the ad when you hit the iPad page on their site.
Wow! That's pretty cool!
For the Greatest Innovator of my time-you will be missed Steve, YOU WILL BE MISSED! May your family be strong going forward and be allowed to mourn in peace.
I like the video. Guess we'll find out as soon as Tuesday if this is packaged with the new iPhone 5
This just doesn't sound exciting at all.
Litigations between these tech firms just seems to be getting more & more murky. I've got a headache just reading this article.
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