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That would be very cool! We'll see where he ultimately lands. BTW, loving my NEST T-Stat
I concur
As it should be. Another Way to keep the employees happy😄
What a remarkable way to address these areas. On the headphone front I'm very much ready for wireless, I'm done with cables!
CES seems like a really big waste of time!
I'm pleased to see Apple showing concern their 'extended' Apple employees. To bad many corporations here in the US seemed to have forgotten how to treat their most valuable asset: the employees! Way to go Apple!
I feel this will be good. I shop at Target nearly every week as do many other people. Target is often accessible to more shoppers, where often an Apple store isn't close by. As long as Apple keeps the selection of products simple this should continue to be a success for both retailers!
I'm grateful to see a kindred designer fulfilling his dream. Much adoration & respect I have for you Sir Ive. Keep up the good work!
I agree. There would need to be substantial changes in the perception of the use of a product that has a high volatility. I'm seem to recall an article where airlines said they'd ban products powered by fuel cell on board the aircraft. Not to shoot down the idea, but it just sounds scary in a plane - guess I'm one of the people who's perception would need some changing. Time will tell should this ever be a viable solution as a land based product first.
New Posts  All Forums: