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 Tesla is making a net profit on cars, they are just spending it on R&D and expansion.  On top of that they are making a MUCH larger profit per car than most other car companies.  They will be the Apple of car companies.  I have stock in both and are long term.  I don't care if it drops tomorrow, I am looking towards 2018. 
The synergies are obvious,  A platform for Carplay or a merger of the Tesla software and Carplay technologies.   Both companies are working on battery technology.  Apple has expressed an interest in either making cars or making software for cars.  Tesla appears to be further along though we do not know the extent of what Apple has done yet. Tesla has a margin far in excess of other car companies, near Apples even.  The only reason Tesla is not profitable is that is making...
You added key words to support your argument, but  buying 10% of a companies stock is NOT a hostile takeover.  Apple does invest in other companies.  If you can't see a SINGLE good reason for Apple to own Tesla you have little or no vision.  There are a ton of synergies.  They may or may not be worth it at a specific stock price, but to say no reasons at all shows you do not understand EITHER company. 
Hyperbole much?  TSLA will simply provide a better rate of return then money sitting in the bank and meshes with Apple both wanting to be 'in the car' and battery technology.  Now if Apple wants to make an electric car, there are many more reasons for Apple to purchase TSLA. Buying stock is not hostile. 
If Tesla was a little cheaper they should buy it.  Maybe they should start picking up TSLA on the dips. 
I so agree with you.  Take those shares off the market and make holders shares more valuable.  Less dividends to pay out in the future. 
As the 'pro' has more space for battery and more ability to dissipate heat they could simply clock it higher, maybe as much as 20% higher.  It would be an upgrade.   It could even be the A8XE  :)  
True.  There is a hell of a lot of laws that should be dropped, a ton of regulatory capture that should be weeded out.   There are so many laws that were a good idea in the past but now are causing problems but government power rarely seems to go backwards.
Exactly.  On top of that, there are so few cases of actual harm that this law would prevent vs MANY cases where this law will cause harm.  The photographer who does not want to do a job is the edge case, it can happen, but most SMART business people know how to avoid problems like this.  On the other hand with this law there will be far more issues of harm, gays being kicked out of restaurants, taxi's or even being told not to shop in certain stores.  When a law causes...
I do?  I don't want any laws in this case.  The constitution is fine for me.  All men are created equal. 
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