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Maybe you do.  Maybe you use them all the time.  Funny though, I shop physically for many things and have not seen a SINGLE NFC payment done in front of me.  I am in the USA, so maybe elsewhere it is popular.  
Apple does not want anything 'ported'.  They want total clean sheet software with maybe re-used images/media.  Ported games waste resources. 
Why do you think web browsing needs lots of RAM?  IOS can page ram to flash and you really do not see a major impact in speed.  I browse on my 5S with 10 tabs open with no problems.  I have 7 pages of apps.  Games dont crash.  IOS 7 had all kinds of problems and crashing but with the current release all is well for me.  There are so many people who are superstitious about RAM.  Show me some hard evidence that it is actually RAM issues for app crashes versus IOS issues and...
Those are non-mobile platforms plugged into the wall.  Not a valid comparison.
Or the 6C
I think there will be three phones, a 4" mildly upgraded model based on the body of the 5C, the new 4.7 and 5.5.  The 5S will be discontinued.  I do not want this, this is what I expect though.  I cannot see Apple selling 4-5 models of phones in addition to all of the memory and color choices. 
Can i get one without the silkscreen writing on the headband? That really makes it ugly.
If there was a way to upvote you I would.   We don't know what it is, when it will come out or what it looks like.  We have no idea of price.  $400 is too expensive for what?  $99 is too cheap for what?  Apple has kept this secret well, and that makes sense.  The manufacturing of watches is easier to hide and may be done entirely within one factory. 
Not a hard ad to make.  Show products, toss out pro Apple responses.  They don't even need to guild the respondents if they have time enough.  Sleazy ways to make their job easier:   Go outside in bright light and turn down Apple product. Use older Apple product. Use blown out color profile which looks better at first glance but is glaring and inaccurate.  Talk up spec war crap (like pixels the human eye cant see but eat battery life and speed)
It is interesting if the face is a display and changes and can be anything. The teaser photos don't make that clear. It looks like a nice but pretty standard analog watch in the photos. Something you could get for $40 in ok quality.
New Posts  All Forums: