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I don't agree with that, but I do think software should not be patentable. 
Would be a bad move as Samsung has been able to hold off MUCH better patents from Apple and pay nearly nothing (or nothing at all) for them. 
It would take 1000 falcon launches a year to deal with the current stuff unprocessed, and that would be in non recoverable mode for the Falcon.  Recoverable mode would be even more launches.  It would be far cheaper to reprocess it first and get it down to 10-20 launches per year.  It would be one of the most expensive things mankind has done even if costs come down.  It's not happening. 
 We could not afford to do that.  We have not launched anywhere near that amount of material before.  Maybe with reprocessing we could.  Also the moon is a much easier place to send things too then the sun, and you can have all that fun Space 1999 possibilities too. 
I am all in favor of nuclear and wish the regulating agencies would allow modern plants without all of the red tape.   Right now it is nearly impossible to build a nuclear plant in the USA and ones that have tried are seriously overbudget.  Nuclear could replace coal and most natural gas if we tried. 
You may be technically correct when the statistics are skewed with some tricks, but most residents in CA pay north of 20 cents when all fees are put in.  They must be including rural areas and industrial users who import energy into the area from outside of CA.
Yes, because California's energy costs are double.  So a bill that would be $75 elsewhere is $150 in CA.  Most people in CA spend a lot of money on power.
That theory has been pretty much debunked.  The debunked theory says that no biological remains are needed and oil is being continiously formed.  Science shows us that we need biological material as the feedstock and there is a limited amount of that in the earth.  We are using it thousands of times faster then it was formed. 
What kind of prompt does this bring up?
Exactly.  Especially since the next step with the money almost always involves even more tax the US government would collect.Give dividend to shareholders on foreign profits?  Dividend tax!Give pay raise to upper management?  Payroll tax!Both of these are 15% or more.  So now the US government has 21% tax coming in already. 
New Posts  All Forums: