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Nothing wrong with it, but pretty damn plain. Apple simple? Yes. Elegant like a 5S? No.
That makes no sense.  You don't need to 'think', there are true facts and measures of financial performance that you can check.  If you did any checking you would see apple has had plenty of growth and while one can not predict the future, a certain amount of growth is nearly assured. 
 They are very insulting along with your poke and jab arguments. First you say homosexuality is unnatural but once that is proven to be natural you divert the argument and ignore your mistake.  Homosexuality is in nature everywhere.  Homosexuality is natural.  By extension (using YOUR logic not mine), homosexuality was created by god. 
 AlmondRoca is not even coherent and does not even understand the issues.   I would go so far as to say they are one of those "hands off my Medicare" tea partiers. 
 You need to go back to school. One does not need a law to legalize abortion unless another law FIRST made it illegal.  The rights of the people are given unless restricted, not the other way around.
 Cherry pick much?The tea partiers want unequal treatment for gay men because of what they do in the bedroom and seek to use the LAW to prevent women from getting reproductive services such as abortion.
Yet the tea party wants government to intrude into people's bedrooms and reproductive organs. They only want smaller government for themselves not for others.
Sorry but unfortunately it may be an effective campaign.  iPhone users do often run low because the phones are so much more useful.  With all of the aps and better web surfing people actually USE iPhones.  A heavy user can run the battery down with a few hours of constant use.  This would happen to a Samsung just as fast (or faster!).  I need to charge my 5S midday sometimes after heavy use especially in a low signal area. 
I am an Apple shareholder and have bought every generation of iPhone since day 1.  I bought my first Android product solely to have a Bitcoin wallet app due to Apples earlier ban.  I was (not happily) considering buying an Android as my next main phone just for this functionality.  Now I don't have to.  I am glad Apple wised up and sees they were on the wrong side of this issue.  If you don't like Bitcoin, don't use it. 
Intel should pay the fine. Paying companies not to use competitors chips is not good for consumers, especially when Intel is in a near monopoly position. Apple had some interest in AMD chips at times but would end up paying more overall for chips if it introduced any AMD based products. That is anti-competitive.
New Posts  All Forums: