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2 Billion dollars or more. 
Yes.  8gb is silly to buy if you cant upgrade.  16gb is dissapointing if it is the top size considering a 5 year use.  I suggest the 27" model as well.  
Because the way the economy works, you will get benefit in the end.  Germans understand this and buy their own products even at a higher cost without being forced to.  Ford knew if he paid his employees well, the benefits would come around and they did. 
Actually building factories is hard and Apple is not good it it.  They are good at paying others to do things for them like Foxconn.  Tesla might be fair investment but since Apple is building their own car, buying Tesla is duplicating much of Apple's effort. 
I think the program is doing great.  They retire shares and no longer have to pay dividends on those shares.  They should continue this program for another year at the same breakneck pace.  After another year of retiring shares they can consider raising the dividend and they will spend less money doing it.  Also the EPS will be improved even if Wall Street fails to recognize it in a higher price. 
It really comes down to who has the better lawyer and which party can be made to look more favorable.   Mega corporation vs university will never be good for the mega corporation in these cases so long as the university spends on lawyers.  Unless the jury is a group of engineers the plaintiff will not be treated well. 
This is a bug as far as I am concerned.  Face down plugged into power should not turn off hey siri and it does.  I just realized this recently when my phone would not respond to me.  
I don't like class action suits but sadly I agree they have a point. This should have been off as a default with a warning pop-up when turning it on.
Yea, when I saw 1 million downloads total I was surprised it was so few.    That is very few downloads per app as well. 
Not common at all.  Just more likely than a ram failure.  
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