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Yup.  Apple is DOOMED!
Yes, but it is not a direct copy.  The curves are different.  Apple does not own the concept of a stylized fingerprint, it has been around for quite some time. 
Yea.  Or 4 watches because the rear legs need them too so it can be a proper 'watch dog'.
How about in a Tesla, a car that has had its performance upgraded via the cellular network and is more integral to the car? 
I read the first of the three patents they allege and it is about access control.  I do not see how it applies to Apple.  The patents are probably valid (but hopefully not) but they don't seem to apply to AppleTV. 
Comparable batteries and the very small size of this battery.  Based on Apples volume and comparable battery costs the price is within reason.  This battery is 1/5 the capacity of a 5s battery.  Everything is smaller and uses less material including the connectors.
I would rather the 6C be a 4" screen with Apple pay and other 6 features in the smaller form factor.  Price $0  The 4.7" market is covered with the regular 6. 
I was going to correct you and explain how HD can mean different things to different people, but indeed found out they filmed using 1080 line cameras and didn't even use all of the lines of resolution due to shooting wide!  So basically the original 3 episodes can be shown in higher detail over the newer ones.
You are an idiot. People fight battles they can win.
Because Tim cook has clearly not figured out this 'long-term' thing.
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