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Won't happen.  There will be three phones in various capacities: iPhone 6s starting $99iPhone 6s+ starting $199iPhone 6c starting at $0Maybe 5s also at $0.  Maybe.  
Apple TV?  Unless it comes with a touch screen controller it will be $69 or less.  The big deal is a package of shows to replace cable and they want as many people as possible paying them a monthly fee like Apple Music.
A lot optimistic but I don't disagree with the direction.  There will not be that many middle class Chinese and even if 40% of them guy with an iPhone on longer upgrade cycles it is still a hell of a lot of phones.  I can see worldwide iPhone sales slowly climbing to 80 million a year with 10% growth.  The profits will be INSANE. 
I would not want one, but it was never really discounted heavily.  Dropping the price from $750 to $550 (to make a zero dollar subsidized phone) is not going to move the phone in the low cost markets or to people who want a phone bought outright.    Windows phones have been priced down to $200 WITHOUT subsidy.   Basically Amazon didn't even try.  They never fixed the glaring failures with the phone like not having a regular Android market nor did they add many compelling...
Profit margin is just one statistic.  What is good for Microsoft and Google (both software/services companies) may not be good for Apple (largely a hardware company).  Apple may get into even lower margin items in the future, and that is ok so long as their total profit per share is higher because they did. 
You can get more for it on eBay, but eBay is a buyers market.  Buyers can screw you.  It is much harder for a seller to screw you with eBays return policies.  So if you factor in a 10% chance of being ripped off by a buyer on eBay, Amazon is not so bad. 
eBay.  And eBay is easier to get a return out of as well if it does not meet expectations.  You can get a 5s for $250.  Paul
Pretty much the same here.  I am fine with minimal advertising.  I even go to some ads.  One per page please with no motion. 
On many of those ads with FORCED re-directs to the App store I do indeed download the app, and rate it one star with a bad review (detailing why) then promptly delete it. 
 Also there are 6 owners that upgrade due to the high resale value of their old phones.  Those owners may still be getting $400 used for their old phones so a $750 phone is not so pricey.  I am a 5s owner and I will either buy one of those used iPhone 6 or spring for a full price iPhone 6s but come the annoucement I will get something. 
New Posts  All Forums: