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Exactly.  Had Apple followed Ichan's advice fully they would have been in an even better position.  Apple stock was underpriced and it still is today.  Every share retired is a share Apple does not need to pay a dividend on. 
Well in this case it is usually also good for Apple shareholders as he is one and has his own interest at heart.  His ideas before were sound and do help mitigate the low valuation the stock market has placed on AAPL shares. AAPL shares should be much higher based alone on the P/E ratio and the cash on hand.  In a nutshell, wall street is treating the cash as if it did not exist. 
And I have an iPad 2 and iPhone 5s that both have Safari issues with the latest OS.  Otherwise they seem fine.  For short periods clicking links seems to lock out, or I have to scroll up and down to enable clicking on links.  Otherwise they have been crash free.  I have TONS of apps. 
Great for him.  I think the iPhone 6 is a GREAT phone.  But the external design is not great.  The iPhone 4 and 5 are works of art on the outside.  They are both form and function.  The iPhone 6 is more function which is acceptable.  I may even buy one as I have bought every single iPhone version when it came out (except the 6).  But I am not in any hurry.  The iPhone 6 looks like an average phone and is not in the style of Apple other then the logo. 
Inspired by not stolen.  Did Braun make a phone or computer?  Did Leica?  Claiming he stole from Leica is crazy as he has worked with Leica to design special editions for them. 
Except that Ive has been designing products before Steve died.  I think the last two designs (iP6, Watch) are not the best Ive has done though. 
To do what things?  They can tap into the carriers and into the search engines like google.  What would stop them from doing that?
So the majority of the public are thought criminals? 
That is bullsh*t.  Law enforcement can gather that evidence.  They can monitor all data in and out of that device.  All of the users Google searches (even when encrypted), and pretty much anything that device does on the Internet.   What they can't do is see what is inside the device.  Sure they can't see every picture you have taken or every note you typed in, but almost everything else travels over the Internet. 
Now Microsoft and the government can monitor all five of the Windows phone users. 
New Posts  All Forums: