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Why so many people think that building a LTE chip would involve stealing IP I don't get. Most of the patents are available for anyone in the consortium to use and pay a flat fee. Apple will pay that fee. Many Qualcom patents are available that way.
Not the original poster but... I am an Apple investor and a long time Apple owner and I have this problem as well.  The unit is still usable but going downhill (graphics hickups).  I have bought three macbook pro's in a row and this one ($2300) will probably be my last.  I can take a $800 dell breaking after three years but not a $2300 Apple.  First of all, the Dell would actually be fixable for a lot less, second Apple has never made a 'proper' replacement board.  The...
This was an issue specifically to Rhapsody and Realplayer and was happening during the DRM days.  Apple did specifically cause this issue because they were attempting to keep those players out of iTunes.  I remember the back and forth version wars that happened in iTunes when Apple blocked these products from reaching into iTunes.  Apple pretty much did what they are being accused of. Apples (very reasonable) defense is that they allowed unprotected CD's to work perfectly...
AT&T has a pretty fast network.  I have both Verizon LTE and AT&T LTE devices and the AT&T are consistently faster.  I have that 10gb (now 15gb) plan and the additional devices are so cheap that if you have the right mix of light and heavy users it is a good plan.   With 6 devices it is cheaper then most prepaid plans that have full data speeds. 
Agreed.  Compared to Samsung ads it might actually sell some units, though does not sell to me.  There are plenty of users who care about physical capabilities like that and don't get that the iPad is the device to do it on.  So the ad does play to users lack of knowledge.  I have personally used a Yoga 2, and was quite impressed, but I would rather run IOS on a 3" thick 10lbs ugly laptop then run Windows on a really nice machine, but thankfully Apple makes the Air.  :)
Exactly.  Had Apple followed Ichan's advice fully they would have been in an even better position.  Apple stock was underpriced and it still is today.  Every share retired is a share Apple does not need to pay a dividend on. 
Well in this case it is usually also good for Apple shareholders as he is one and has his own interest at heart.  His ideas before were sound and do help mitigate the low valuation the stock market has placed on AAPL shares. AAPL shares should be much higher based alone on the P/E ratio and the cash on hand.  In a nutshell, wall street is treating the cash as if it did not exist. 
And I have an iPad 2 and iPhone 5s that both have Safari issues with the latest OS.  Otherwise they seem fine.  For short periods clicking links seems to lock out, or I have to scroll up and down to enable clicking on links.  Otherwise they have been crash free.  I have TONS of apps. 
Great for him.  I think the iPhone 6 is a GREAT phone.  But the external design is not great.  The iPhone 4 and 5 are works of art on the outside.  They are both form and function.  The iPhone 6 is more function which is acceptable.  I may even buy one as I have bought every single iPhone version when it came out (except the 6).  But I am not in any hurry.  The iPhone 6 looks like an average phone and is not in the style of Apple other then the logo. 
Inspired by not stolen.  Did Braun make a phone or computer?  Did Leica?  Claiming he stole from Leica is crazy as he has worked with Leica to design special editions for them. 
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