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I saw the writing on the wall ages ago. Glad I bounced to PC hardware. To be frank, it was easier than I thought, and I've yet to Hackintosh it.$%^& you, Apple.You certainly can. And then overclock it 40%. And use graphics cards from the past 9-12 months.3D content creation on Windows is where it's at. I'm still investigating Linux, got portable Photoshop running on Wine.
What I use these days: as my DNS servers. the first two are google's. This 'google' (some high tech company) seems to have good bandwidth. The last three are some major ISP (I forget who) who has good response times.
Amd has had usb3 for over a year now...
How's that Dell ultrasharp, Marv? I'm'a lookin' at HP's ZR22W. And you seriously notice 6/1000ths of a second lag? Oh, and the Quadro is horrid on the Mac. Ars has a huge article on how bad it sucks. http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/20...c-edition.ars/ and http://arstechnica.com/apple/reviews...o-review.ars/5 come to mind.
Well, ideally they'd update the whole lineup of MBP->iMacs. Marvin, I almost spat beer all over my MBP laughing when I read your last post. Are you drunk? I am, and your post resonated with me.BTW, Otellini is Machiavellian, but he's steered Intel better than even armchair CEOs like us could do. He killed the P4, which is the best thing to happen to Intel, ever. Hopefully Itanium is next.
PC gaming may well pass, but to think that Apple will do it, to me, is utterly laughable. I'm bailing on Mac hardware this xmas, when I buy/build a PC that can actually competently run 3D apps. PC gaming is SOTA. Macs are, uh, behind the curve.
I like seeing the anger, disappointment etc in this thread. Feel my pain. The reason I am not posting is because John.B, nvidia2008 and nht are covering all the bullet points so well. Intel's IGP are crap, plain and simple. If they double performance every year for the next ten years, they will still be crap relative to all other options available. "Sucking less than previous Intel IGPs" does not qualify as an 'accomplishment.' It qualifies as Moore's Law plus clockspeed...
All the while pissing off their developers, antennae-gate users, etc. That's incredible, when you think about it. And still MS are 4-5 years behind the curve. Google, who are a rag-tag team of FLOSS hippies are out-executing them. At some point MS have to look in the mirror and say 'We need a new plan." Babylon has fallen; has fallen, that great city.
dolphin, and especially Carniphage: Nail on the head. WP may amount to something at some point, but until then, they are remarkably easy to dismiss. Of course if they came out with WP7 4 years ago, they'd own the market. But they were the last to cross the finish line, and by a 'technology eternity' to boot. Who was the fourth guy to climb Mount Everest? I swear, WebOS had far more buzz, and look where they wound up. There are, at this point, many reasons NOT to buy a...
I think it's high time Microsoft stole some great ideas and integrated them. I think their future relevancy is at stake. That said, you'd think with their R&D budgets they'd be a lot more pioneering. The only thing MS makes that I buy is their mice, which are actually made by Logitech. I wouldn't touch their consumer products with a 20 ft. pole.
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